Wicked Wednesday: Concert Review: Doyle, Davey Suicide, Dead Girls Corp, Ikonoklast, Casket Snatch, In Memory Of

Concert Review and Live Photography
Contributing writer/photographer: Song River
Contributing photographer: Teri Wright

What can you say that has not been said about DOYLE? He is a legend and somewhat of a riddle all wrapped up in a tour for 2017 called what else, ABOMINATE THE WORLD!  This leg, arm, foot, hand, torso part of the tour included Davey Suicide and Dead Girls Corp. along with some other favorites In Memory Of, Ikonoklast, Casket Snatch to create a perfect evening ambiance of horror rock. 

It is inside the walls of Club Red that hides this sanctioned bosom of Mesa, Arizona. It has become well-known for its rock shows, especially one designed to raise the dead and create a hardy blood-curdling scream. Ah, it's all in fun. No need to worry parents- it is rock n roll after all.

This whole evening the fans were caught in the feasting as all these bands were a blissful meld. In Memory Of held everyone's brains in their hands as this group claims influences by the 'Lone Ranger' but no doubt they have been jamming to the likes of Pantera and Metallica. On Guitar/vocals- Jesse, Bass/vocals- Steve, and keeping that sound of Black Sabbath day's running is their Drummer/vocalist Kevin. In Memory Of sounds kick. 

Casket Snatch is fair lot of a ghoulish gang who give Mesa, Arizona a heart attack- there isn't anything holding Lead vocalist- Alex Snatch, Guitarists- Reverend J and Austin Kramer, Bassist- Cody Mathes and Synth/percussion/samples- Little Horn, along with the cataclysmic thumps of Drummer- K.P. Horn back. They are juiced and ready to go.

Kicking it squarely in the balls and rolling up the shredded sleeves came the munching and crunching fanfare of Ikonoklast who delicately chomped down even with more fury into the heart of screeching sounds. Vocalist- Jonah Foree, Guitarist- Josh "Wa" Eike and  Bassist- Andrew Wadey you could tell were just happy to be on stage and making music happen. They are one of the many metal/rock type heroes on the scene. The fans were elated to hear them and heard to say they can't wait until the next time.

Stellar gnashing nights brought the heave of rock from Dead Girls Corp. and it was lush. This is one industrial goth band out of Hollywood that leaps over the L.A. hills and lands on stage with a rocking noise of bliss. Vocalist- Toddy T. relates to the audience, Bassist- Bruce Miyaki unquestionably is the bass master, Guitarist- Dave Teague balances the opposite side of Bruce and together they kill it. The Dead Girl of the hour though has to go to their Drummer- Dead Girl Mel McFail... and can she ever beat the power into the heights. Dead Girls Corp. are an experience each and every instance. 

The evening just kept escalating into full horror rock delirium as Davey Suicide, another beloved favorite, spun his tunes. As an out of hand fan in the crowd became a tad too agitated, Davey just told the dude to 'knock it off.' Davey is an interesting observation. He exudes a righteous confidence that lends itself to an empowering charm and charisma. He is almost akin to the well-known horror seducer, Count Dracula himself... Davey is charming, mesmerizing, intense, and almost childlike still seems to play in his mannerisms. Band mates of Davey Suicide are the counterbalance that brings all the band elements together succinctly. As Drayven Davidson, Niko Gemini, Needlz, Derek Obscura are the gutter goth rulers of the night and Davey is the Zeus. They always rock the stage and create the perfect atmosphere of hardcore goth ripped to shreds in blood red light.

The night's climax certainly came in an elated heated rush as legendary guitarist DOYLE WOLFGANG VON FRANKENSTEIN, Vocalist Alex Story, Drummer- Brandon Pertzborn and Bassist- Brandon Strate exuded the final flush of horrifyingly driven dominance, violence, mayhem, sex, and rock. The crowd's intensity went from a 10 to 1,000++++ in a millisecond and everyone pushed forward, the circle pit began its bloodletting and violence reigned high under the moonless night as the fans crunched, smashed, and careened into one another.

Yes, June 2nd may live on as the day known as D-Day for Doyle's album “AS WE DIE” dropped in stores, but anytime a true rock- n -roller hears the whispers of DOYLE it leaves a defining chill down your spine. This night May 16th, 2017 along with every other tour date will be known as D-Day. 

With the crypt's of rock open what DOYLE creates resonates the souls of Motorhead, Misfits and Black Sabbath. There isn't really anything quite like what he has created or what the band collectively creates. They are to be experienced in order to belong to the ARMY of ABOMINATION. It cannot in a few typed words be described or comprehended to the inth of its deserved appreciation. 

It is amazing how a few chords, struck just so, along with a stage persona and an air of horror can drive a sound that is legendarily known and will be forever in the rock roll history books.