Wicked Wednesday New Album: GO ASK ALICE Release Lyric Video for "Without You" From Upcoming 'THIS ALBUM'S ABOUT YOU'


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 Arizona based Go Ask Alice have released the Cody Doyle edited Lyric Video for "Without You." "Without You" is the second single off of their upcoming album THIS ALBUM'S ABOUT YOU, due out July 28th via Legend Recordings but available for pre-order NOW
"We are beyond excited to release our new single 'Without You'! This is a very personal song about struggles with abandonment. The song itself, in particular, is about being abandoned by a parent, but it applies to all versions of that feeling. The hope is that it hits home with a lot of people and is able to reach someone, even if it's just one person and make them realize, it's okay to be not okay with it and you can persevere. We hope you guys enjoy the new track!"- Tyler Samuel (Vocals)
Track Listing:
1.86th Sense
2. Drama x Queen (Feat: Whitney Peyton)
3. Revolt, Rebuild
4. Without You
5. Pissed Off
6. Waste Of Space
7. $ippin'
8. Breath
9. Gold Digger (Feat: Dropout Kings)
10. Intelligence (Lack Of)
11. Drop Z
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Line Up:
Tyler Samuel - Clean Vocals
Lane Vassallo - Vocals
Erik Jensen - Guitar
Schuyler Morgan - Guitar
Jacob Harrington - Bass
Stefan Goodenberger - Drums
For two-year-old Go Ask Alice, the days of imitating artists the likes of A Day To Remember and retaining a local band mentality are in the past. As they relaunch, with LEGEND Recordings, a take-no-shit call-out full length This Album Is About You, they’re stepping boldly into New-NĂ¼-Metal territory .
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