Concert Review: KATASTRO

By contributing writer and photographer: Jenny Kaufman

KATASTRO at the Marquee Theatre 

 Ever wish you could turn on the radio and step into the music?

KATASTRO is a Tempe, Arizona born band that was created and let loose on the world in 2007, formulated by Andy Chaves (Singer), Tanner Riccio (Guitar), Andrew Stravers (Drums), Ryan Weddle (Bass). 

The band's choice of instruments per their bio is Vic Firth and Ernie Ball brands; however once they take the stage you will not care what they are using. The band wields strong Chili Pepper like lyric style with numerous genre  in the mix; Alternative Funk, Blues, hip hop and Rock. The band has had multiple CDs and videos and has opened for 311 and Dirty Heads.  

Body of Sound:  
Strange Nights (September 30th, 2016) 
No Mud No Lotus (November 4th, 2014) 
Gentle Predator EP (October 11th, 2011 
Poking Holes In A Pattern EP (December 27th, 2009) 
The Facts EP (November 25th, 2008) 
The Wonderful Daze EP (November 19th, 2008) 

Let the show begin! Opening bands that should not be taken lightly; BAREFOOT, JUSTIN REECE, GOOD BOY DAISY, THE BANTER and special guest ANARBOR, keep your ears and eyes open for these bands.  

KATASTRO played with a home stage advantage at the Marquee Theater (730 N. Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ) The stage dark and void of musicians was quickly pelted with repeated light bursts, each burst unveiling silhouettes that emerged behind instruments and the all-age’s audience roaring and screaming. 

The band kept the stage a little on the dark side creating an intimate feel for the light show of effects that trickled over Andy Chaves as he worked the stage in an open shirt baring his chest. Tanner Riccio and Ryan Weddle adding  an aggressive texture with guitar riffs and Andrew Stravers made you want to air drum throughout the concert. 

The band played what seemed to be fan favorites; "Feel Right," "Fallen," "Move like Creatures" with the audience sing along of "Oh My Oh My." Their songs are catchy and dance worthy! Lyrics are clean and tell a story from beginning to end. They gave a good show minus the profanity for the all ages audience and by the end of the set had the audience chanting  “ONE MORE SET!!…ONE MORE SET!!” Yes! One more set would have been nice and you can get that chance as the band will be returning to The Marquee, September 23rd.
Don’t let the genres labeling stop you from taking a listen either online or in concert. The music and the band are well worth time and effort as you too will certainly be a fan.