Summer of Gods Tour 2017
By Contributing Writer/Photographer Jenny Kaufman

Fast-forward 20 years… and we are still celebrating the 90’s!

Arriving at the well-known Phoenix, Arizona venue the, Comerica Theatre, it was a typical hot and pre-monsoon feeling night.  The fans had already been ushered in and in short, the opening act gave it their best performance the Silversun Pickups always do. The crowd was completely engaged as they did possess high energy and performed a stellar set beginning with their tune, "Nightflight" and soaring on to perform "The Pit" and "Substitution, plus a favorite of SSP fans "Lazy Eye." Of course by the time Silversun Pickups were performing "Panic Switch," the entire audience was singing along and dancing. 

Clearly, Silversun Pickups brings with them the spirit of participation and music that so many identify with from their radio hits.

The stage now cleared in preparation for Third Eye Blind, the house lights dimmed, the music started and the crowd screamed so enthusiastically that it drowned out the intro. The sheer curtains back lit outlining silhouettes, the curtains drew back to reveal a double decker stage with lighting, lighting, and lighting! THIRD EYE BLIND spelled out in marquee style letters illuminated even more of the stage. Atop the riser was Brad Hargreaves on drums and Alex Kopp, keyboards. The lower levels of the riser on guitars were Kryz Reid and Alex LeCavalier, down the center and in the front of the stage walked Stephen Jenkins wearing a LED jacket.

The fans were in for a spectacular show, Third Eye Blind announced that they would be playing every song from the debut self-titled album. Between songs, Stephen Jenkins would invoke energy with words of wisdom and hope for treating each other kindly, as well as wardrobe changes eventually succumbing to a plain t-shirt.

Jenkins proudly announced that all the music was true and raw with no sequencers and “only M*f*ing guitars up here” to which the crowd roared. Feeding off the energy of the crowd it seemed as if the music got stronger and louder. 

It did not take long for Third Eye Blind to dive into fan favorites whether fans knew the words or not the crowd still sang along. “Semi-Charmed Life,” “How It’s Going to Be,” and “Jumper.” 

It was a hell of a show and of course, it probably brought back memories for many people. Music tends to do that, you hear a song and it takes you right back to that moment. If this is the case and you are new to the band this is most likely the one to remember. 

Catch Third Eye Blind through late September in the states before they head over to Europe and the U.K.

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