Ekoh Releases Official Music Video "Daudrie" ft. Almost Norma

Las Vegas based artist Ekoh brings a new element to hip-hop a feel for Heart Hop. "Daudrie" ft. Almost Norma off of his Along The Way LP. Inspired by the critically acclaimed Netflix Documentary Audrie & Daisy. 

This song is a feels tune, the emotion is raw and it is dynamically real. If this track is any indication of what Ekoh can bring down then in truth he is the opening wave to a whole new blend of hip-hop, electronics, deep lyrical formatting, and soul lit music.

"...True emotional lyrics along with hard-hitting delivery, intricate production, and a high energy live show. A song writer who can blur the lines between genres to create a truly amazing music experience. Blending hip hop with alt rock, electronic, and everything in-between, Ekoh has a sound that will appeal to almost any music listener. This unique sound and voice has gained a loyal following and taken the scene by storm."