Interview with Alternative Rock Duo: Ruen Brothers

By Contributing Writer and Photographer Jackie Cular

Henry and Rupert Stansall are the Ruen Brothers, the alternative rock duo from England that is about to break through to the mainstream. The pair has already written tunes with The Weeknd, brainstormed with Lana Del Rey, and teamed up with famed producer Rick Rubin. The Ruen Brother recently released a new single, “Genevieve, Come Out Tonight,” which features Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the drums. (Smith played with the duo on this track at Bonnaroo to the surprise of many.) During this Bonnaroo interview, the duo talks about its residency at the McKittrick Hotel in NYC, the art of collaboration, and much more. Follow this band’s trajectory for so much more.

"Genevieve, Come Out Tonight"