Interview with Indie Artist Goody Grace

By Jackie Cular

Goody Grace is an indie artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba who is starting to really cause a scene. The singer-songwriter produces his own work; he’s self-taught. Grace has already collaborated with A$AP Ant, gnash, and The Neighborhood. Somewhere between hip-hop and emo, is Goody Grace.
With the help of indie Svengali, Cisco Adler, Grace is about to break through in a major way.

Grace has brought his acoustic guitar and unique perspective to Bonnaroo and Firefly festivals already this summer; later he will play Lollapalooza. He just started his first headlining tour. During this Bonnaroo interview, Goody Grace talks about how Spotify helped bolster his singles “April” and  “Memories” and how Soundcloud is a great place for his version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.” 

Interview with Goody Grace by Jackie Cular