Wicked Wednesday- Concert Review: DROIDS ATTACK

By Contributing writer and photographer Jenny Kaufman:

Droids Attack at the Yucca Tap Room Tempe, Arizona

Aggressive!!!! IN your Face!!! Heart pounding, head banging, thrashing, raw, sweaty & rough!
The Yucca Tap Room is exactly that… a room. 

Now let’s add the trio from Madison Wisconsin; they dove straight into the music loud and hard. Darwin Sampson was fantastic to watch, what looked to be an exorcism of his guitar had him bouncing, jumping around and rocking out. 

Stop! Stop! Stop…Let me back up; it was a Tuesday night at the Yucca with the band DROIDS ATTACK, Brad Van announcing this was there first time in Tempe. The band is made up three unassuming guys; they looked like just regular guys that walked in to have a beer. Droids Attack was created in the 90’s by Brad Van (Guitar & Vocals) and rounding out the trio are Darwin Sampson (Bass & Vocals) and drummer Tony Brungraber. Their genre of music as listed on their Facebook page; stoner rock, riff rock, hard rock and metal being influenced by The Cult, Misfits, Motorhead, Clutch, Meat Puppets and Black Sabbath, these being just a few. I would have to agree on this and add rock & more rock!

Playing music from the CD Sci-Fi or Die, the band played the Yucca like it was a stadium. Never mind the lack of audience on a Tuesday night; they made it feel like it was a standing room only-packed house. There wasn’t anything fancy about the lighting or their clothing but no sooner had they grabbed their instruments…HOLD ON! The low rumble of the bass drawing you in was like the intro to a science fiction movie warning you that you are in for a thrill and the drums created a tempo that encouraged you to follow. There was nothing soft and gentle about the music or lyrics, they played hard and rough possibly even drew some blood. 

I was surprised a virgin had not been sacrificed on the stage. I did wonder if the guy at the front of the stage head banging was going to break his neck.

The lyrics revolve around the Mayans and ancient aliens (Nazca lines, Mohenjo daro) if you’re a lover of science fiction, history and metal music then this is the band for you. Their lyrics will take you around the world to places you have only seen on the internet (almost said magazines, were not at the doctor’s office!) 

To fan the flames of love for this band, there is a beer called Aztec Astronaut, brewer Peter Schroder from House Of Brews created a Double Red IPA of 8.2% and only in Wisconsin. Well maybe that’s where the blood went from the sacrificed virgin.

2016 Sci Fi or Die
2010 Must Destroy

2007 Fatal/ Error

Brad Van (Guitar & Vocals), Darwin Sampson (Bass & Vocals) and Tony Brungraber (Drummer)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/droidsattack