5 SHOTS!!!!! with the Band HEMLOCK

5 SHOTS!!!!!with the BandHEMLOCK


Chad Smith 
1. I love to collect action figure toys. 
2. I love to travel.... with the band on tour, and then in between tours me and my wife travel more. 
3. I hand draw and design almost all of our T-shirt designs and album artwork. 
4. I haven't brushed my hair for over 21 years. ....and I have only worn Garbage Pail Kids T-shirt everyday for the last 16 years. 
5. Hemlock is the only band that I have been in, and the only band I want to be in. 
24 years of Hemlock so far, and I still smile at the end of everyday. :)

1. I love fishing and camping. 
2. Photography. 
3. Keno and bingo with my good friends chad and fancy. 
4. Going to concerts. 
5. And watching football. 

1) I started playing guitar when I was about 12-13 years old but the original instrument I wanted to play was drums. But it was to expensive. 
2) I've been a live sound engineer and producer for about the same time. 
3) My first concert was Weird Al. 
4) My first guitar was an ESP ex-250 and have been playing ESP ever since. 
5) one of my passions is karaoke and actually host karaoke on the weekends at the Silver Bullet in Lubbock TX. 

1. I love 80's everything! Music, movies, tv shows. 
2. I've been getting tattoos since 2009. 
3. I enjoy working out and drunk karaoke. I've cut down a lot    on drinking but still have my moments. 
4. I drink tons of water 
5. I am addicted to pizza. 


1. Sade- Lovers Rock 
2. Faith no More- The Real Thing 
3. Alicia Keys- Girl on Fire 
4. Pantera- Vulgar & Far Beyond 
5. Bob Marley- Legend 

1. PROPAIN the truth hurts 
2. GUTTERMOUTH friendly people 
3. FEAR more beer 
4. HATEBREED perseverance 
5. THE EXPLOITED the massacre 

1. Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power 
2. Feared - Vinter 
3. Gojira - The Way of All Flesh 
4. Type O Negative - October Rust 
5. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon 

1. Huey Lewis and the News - Fore 
2. Faith No More - Angel Dust 
3. HIM - Tears On Tape 
4. Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine 
5. 2 Live Crew - As Ugly As They Wanna Be