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There is something almost screaming to the nth of epic levels when a concert venue is filled from floor to ceiling with wanton fans all powerfully raising their fists into the air to the bands playing and wildly flashing the universal rock/metal sign. It is always a sensational kismet when this occurs at a venue, and the bands Dinosaur Pile-Up, Black Map, and Chevelle recently created this foray of intensity when they performed at one of Arizona's best rock venues: the Marquee Theatre located in Tempe, Arizona, on August 1st. 

The bands have to be totally jonesing as they witness their beloved crowds interactions. It all began with the opening band Dinosaur Pile-Up. A fab bunch of blokes who formed back in 2007 and harbor their alternative hard rock sound out of Leeds. 

The current band members: lead singer and guitarist Matt Bigland, along with drummer Mike Sheils and bassist Jim Cratchley are fully capable of headlining their own tour. This catch of musicians was supremely directive in their sound and stage presence. They rocked out the venue hard with their opening tune "Red and Purple," stinging out their song "Arizona Waiting" (with a Weezer riff of "Say It Isn't So" in the middle). Then hit it with "Anxiety Trip" and leaving the stage all too soon with "11:11." Their fans kept chanting for more as their set ended. 

Based out of the San Francisco area, Black Map took hold of the stage and continued retrospectively to carry on what the fans came to hear. 

Black Map formed from a hiatus from themselves into a "Supergroup" of sorts that bests the post hardcore sound and leads it to the top. Band members Dredg (guitarist Mark Engles), Far (drummer Chris Robyn), and The Trophy Fire (vocalist/guitarist Ben Flanagan) have recently released their second full-length album, In Droves, through their current label EOne this year.

"Code" and "Octavia" seemed to really open up the fans that night as Black Map took hold of the stage. The immediacy of their sound looped itself tightly as the audience came in hard and strong when Black Map played "Run Rabbit Run." Their set was strong, tight, and performed like a supergroup.

The set change for the headlining act, Chevelle, took a few moments as the backline was set, but there were minor adjustments as always that needed to be done and a final sound check. As the house lights went down and Chevelle took hold of the stage, it seemed almost that the band was bigger than the venue itself. 

Chevelle originated out of Illinois back in 1995 out of a garage at their parents' house and a sound of alternative metal/post grunge was born with their passion for cars tagged a band that would become Chevelle. In truth, they have been a very well known and beloved name in the realm of rock n roll for a long time. 

With a few bumps along the road, the exiting of their original bassist, Joe Loeffler (which there is no need to go into), Chevelle has taken what they love- rock music - and kept it alive and well. The Chevelle fans were there, the sweat drenched bodies were packed tightly, and every single Chevelle fan sang along with the band from their opening tune, "Another Know It All," to "Vitamin R," to stomping it up in the middle with "Still Running" and hitting the end of their set with "Hats Off To the Bull." 

Yet, this wasn't over. Not by a long shot! The audience knew that and kept the vigil as Chevelle returned for a three encore landslide. They opened their encore with an acoustic up to the second chorus with "The Red." Then they sandwiched perfectly in the middle, "Forfeit" which was dedicated to the mosh pit and it was spectacular! Chevelle finally ended the night with their hard hitting "Send The Pain Below."

The crowd was given everything they had expected and anticipated. Chevelle has always shown how much they love what they have created over the years and this tour continues the love onto the end of September. Fans of rock will not want to miss this opportunity to enjoy some of the best this side of the music industry has enlisted to be legendary.

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