Up Close and Personal with Glam Skanks:
It's Only Glam Skanks Rock N Roll... and We Like It!

A gift for rock and glitter guarantees a good time. The Glam Skanks are a mix of rock, punk and glam tease of audio/visual prowess- a band of girls- that know what they are doing and bring their rock n roll history forward to smash the barriers and hold T. Rex, David Bowie, The Sweet, The Runaways as their forerunners of licking it. 

This larger than life brood of entertainment comes with the glitz, the glam, the feather boas but more than that, Ali, Millie, Veronica, and Cassie are the pure blissful measure of kick ace rock. Their technical talent soars, beats and electrifies an audience while lead vocalist and frontwoman, Ali, is the quintessential delish dish that makes the guy's hot and the girls want to be her!

Calling the Hollywood scene their home- the Glam Skanks are the bravado you have been searching for! Catch them out on tour headlining a few of their own shows before they hop back on with the legendary Adam Ant.

Glam Skanks PC: Suzanne Allison
with Contributing Writer and Photographer- Song River

Song River: Seems hard to believe sometimes how fast time flies. Wondering when a band is consistently out on the road, as you all have been, what does time 'feel' like and how do you put the days, months to perspective?

GS-It’s hard to explain. Every tour feels a little different depending on time changes and how long we’re out for. Coming home is always a weird feeling. When we’re going from moving around non-stop and playing great shows to being back home it feels like two different worlds. The more we do it though, the easier it’s getting.

SR: Define 'Glam Rock' as you have created it.

GS-For us Glam Rock isn't necessarily a specific sound or image. It’s more of the idea that Rock-n-Roll should be a spectacle and larger than life. We want our sound, image, and shows to take people to a place they wouldn’t normally go.

SR: Let’s talk a bit about touring life. Experiences...would that be a good descriptive word? You all have been on a whirlwind trip across the States, then on to the UK. What stands out most to you in traveling and performing in a variety of venues and in front of fans?

GS-Experiences is definitely a good word. Every city and country is a whole new experience. We love meeting the different people you meet all over the world and taking in all the different cultures that come along with traveling. We love trying different foods and seeing how people react to us in different places.

SR: Bands at times on the road have had to sleep in some pretty odd places. Curious, being an all-female band have you all ever felt unease out on the road? 

GS-We’ve been pretty lucky so far, but there was a night on the road last year we stayed with a random person none of us knew and one of the girls was afraid that we were gonna get murdered.

SR: How do you handle overboard intrusions? Have you experienced stalkers and if so how do you handle something like that?

GS-Unfortunately, most women can tell you that they get unwanted attention especially if they dare to dress any way that could be considered “sexy” so we have definitely had our share of guys who hang around too long and just don't get the hint. There was a sort of “stalker” we had for a minute in Hollywood who would send us creepy messages and bring weird gifts to shows, but it’s been awhile since we’ve heard from him.

SR: Isn’t there a story about a creepy hotel in the UK, something to do with blood on the walls?

GS-We had a night in Manchester where we stayed at a sort of tavern and we were immediately thrown off when we walked in because there were Christmas decorations up in the middle of May. We didn't think too much of it, but later on that night we noticed our door didn't lock and when we tried to move our beds together we found blood splattered on the walls. We decided to try to not-so-gracefully sneak out at 4:30 am.

SR: Your album Glitter City has been received well. There isn't a track out of the 10 that doesn't measure up to the words 'Glam Rock.'  Would it be safe to say you all are well educated in the world of rock history?

GS-Yeah, for sure! We all grew up deeply involved in our local music scenes and playing since we were all young teens. Even though we all came from slightly different musical backgrounds, we’ve all been so passionate about music that we’ve all tried to keep ourselves as educated as we can when it comes to music and where we come from musically.

SR: Your newest single off the album is "Karma."  Can you relate? Most certainly things do have a way of coming back.

GS-We think everyone can relate to that in some way, whether it’s spiritually or just in a personal way. If you give back in some positive way, that positivity will come back to you even if it just means feeling better about doing something good for the world. 

SR: You are all now back on the road, or never stopped really, but doing a few dates on your own.  With all these accumulated experiences at venues have you found your preference in the setup you play in?

GS-We all definitely have our own preferences. It’s great having a real sound system and a crew of people to help you sound your best, but we’re still happy to be on any stage playing in front of people.

SR: We have to hear about this 'rock n roll laundromat' in the Pacific Northwest? What is that all about and did you dig that type of experience?

GS-It wasn’t the most “rock-n-roll” venue. It was mostly a coffee shop like where you would see an acoustic act, but they also happened to have washers and dryers. We definitely brought some rock-n-roll with us, but it’s not a venue we’d try to play again although it’s definitely a good story.

SR: Your horizons are clear. Smooth sailing is never a part of the plan, but you learn to ride the waves. What are the Glam Skank's working on next and can you divulge a bit to us?

GS-There’s some stuff in the works that we’re still figuring out before we make any announcements, but we can definitely say we’re gearing up to record some new music and will hope to have something out in the next few months.

SR: Finally for giggles... who takes the most time in the bathroom getting ready? I can't imagine all of you sharing one! I would kill somebody! LOL

GS-Ha! We can’t really name anyone specifically. It just depends on the night, but, yeah, we usually do share a bathroom or we’re just getting ready in the van.

​For more information and tour dates: www.GlamSkanks.com