Wicked Wednesday Interview with Chad Smith of Hemlock

Contributing Writer and Photographer Teri Wright

The band HEMLOCK were in Mesa, at Club Red on August 19, 2017. Hemlock is very Entertaining, Energetic, and Engaging with their audience. They put on more than just a down right FUN show, they are amazing rocking live. Hemlock hails originally from Las Vegas, NV.  circa 1993, and on their current tour – Skele-Tour.

Find out more about the tour and what the future has in store for HEMLOCK.

TW: Hi Chad, thank you for chatting with me today. How is the tour going so far on the 2017 Skele-tour?

CS: The Skele-Tour has been going amazing so far, and we are just over half way thru!!! ☺ Seeing our friends has been awesome, the shows have been also awesome and travel adventures have been adventurously fun!

TW: You’ve been together for 24 years now (Formed in 1993), what changes have you seen from yourself and also as a group as a whole?

CS: Well, we started in the cassette era….(laughed). We had a blast in the CD era….and now here we are having fun all these years later in the digital era. 

I have also learned that no matter how hard the music business is and how crazy things can get….I realized that the true reason for starting Hemlock in the first place was for the love of the music.  Day after day and year after year we continue to do what we love to do and I have a smile on my face every day. 

TW: Tell me more about the Skele-Tour. How did the tour name come about?

CS: Me and Jesse; Our guitar player were just joking around about tour names and Skele-Tour came up as one of the top choices…then we started thinking about all the fun artwork that could accompany it. I designed the tour poster and t-shirt design and I erased the sword and replaced it with a guitar in his hand because music is what gives us the power! And we have a pretty sweet Orko banner too!

TW: You have traveled all over the United States, and Overseas. How does the crowd and  support compare between the different countries?

CS: I love everywhere from Seattle to Roswell to NYC to Prague to Tuba City to Tokyo and everywhere in between. I love to travel and I love that music is what brings us all together to have fun Hemlock shows around the world. 

The crowds and support are similar….maybe overseas some people might not understand what I am saying, but they understand the music and the energy.

TW: What is in store for Hemlock after your final stop on this tour?

CS: After this tour, we get a few weeks of rest, recovery and then preparation for our upcoming European tour! I also will need to mow our lawn since we will have been gone for 2 months. (laughed)

TW: Will you be returning back to the studio to record a new album?

CS: We have already been writing a bunch of riffs and writing some fun new lyrics. We are hoping to finish writing after the Europe tour and to get back in the studio to record at the beginning of next year.

TW: I noticed you have made a lot of changes in your eating habits and really are looking great. Congrats. I love the Dr. McDougall’s eating plan and have seen it work for a lot of people as well. How hard is it to stick to his plan while on tour?

CS: I love the Dr. McDougall plan too! It works, and that is a huge motivation to stick to it. We have had a harder time on tour to stay on track, but we are not too far off. We microwave potatoes in the bus and eat bean burritos and oatmeal…but a few times our only option was pizza (which is delicious but not on our plan)…we even ordered our pizza without cheese twice to try to be good. And yes pizza without cheese is as blasphemous as it sounds. But I am trying to stay away from the oils and grease so I can stay fit and rock out as hard as I can every night on stage.

TW: Name 3 things you must have while on tour?

CS: Fuel for the bus, veggie burritos and good times with great friends.

TW: Can you share any fun stories that occurred on this tour?

CS: The shows have all been awesome and the travel adventures in between have been just as awesome. We went to Mt Rushmore, The Caverns in Montana, We saw Old Faithful blow it’s top in Yellowstone, We tubed the river near Billings and swam in Firehole Canyon, drove thru the Redwood Forest, saw a half sunken shipwreck on the beach of the Oregon coast, walked the star walk in Hollywood and now we are on our way to go see the Grand Canyon again! The adventure continues.

TW: Where can our readers find information about your upcoming projects, events, and buy your merchandise?

CS: www.hemlockworld.com www.facebook.com/hemlockworld www.youtube.com/hemlockworld  www.squareup.com/market/hemlock and if you are old school enough www.myspace.com/hemlock

TW: Any last words you’d like to tell our readers?

CS: Rock and roll forever!!! Life is too short to be pissed off all the time, or to be stuck in a job or relationship that makes you unhappy. Live your life for you, take care of your loved ones, be nice to each other and remember….No Time for Sorrow.

Catch Hemlock on Tour before they head over the ocean for their European tour.

Hemlock is:
Chad - Lead Vocals and bass guitar
Brian – drums

James - Lead Guitar and backup vocals
Jesse- guitarist