BANGS! 16 Bullets with Lead Vocalist Ray West of Weapons Of Anew

  • Do you feel music in general has rules or more like guidelines? 
    Ray West: I think creating Rock music, has always been about not having to follow rules, or guidelines, that’s the rebellious nature of it. I think if you start worrying about rules, or following guidelines, you  will never allow yourself to make mistakes. And you have to be allowed to make mistakes. At least a few anyway. (laughed)
    It's only Rock n Roll not Rocket science, ya feel me. 
  • We all love connection, that said, where did the idea for this series you are doing on YouTube come from? 
    Ray West: We wanted to let everybody in, on what it's like to be in WOA...We figured the best way to facilitate that, was a web series that would showcase how we do things. 
  • Talk about the series and give us some insight.
    Ray West: It's a view into the personalities that make up this thing we call WOA.
    It's our reality. Like the fact that Reno is proof, that there are extraterrestrials living amongst us. (laughed)
    Info on the making of the band , recording writing, and touring ... I think it's well edited, which for me is important. As far as myself goes, I don't take myself too serious, so I have no problem being my goofy self. 
  • So far how has the reaction been to the series and what direction are wanting to go with it eventually? So far the reaction appears to be positive . If enough people dig it ,"Maybe we can sell it to Netflix. " (laughed)
    Ray West: I'd like it to become a full blown entertainment channel. WOA TV --with news, travel, food, etc ...Obviously we can't do a live morning show, because I don't get up that early.

  • Studio time is important, but how much of the process does Weapons Of Anew put in prior to entering a studio? 
    Ray West: It's very important...We put in quite a lot of work beforehand to be able to lock on fresh ideas "Total Catharsis," total honesty here, sometimes the guys will work out some riff ideas that they think are cool, and I come in and start changing things around. I can sometimes be a pain in the ass.
  • For this album, The Collision of Love and Hate, talk about its production and progression of the songs development.
    Ray West: Each Song came about organically. We actually decided to make an album on our way to finishing our demo ... listening to some playback Freddy says "Ya know what, this stuff sounds good, let's just keep going,"  So while the gear was up we wrote in the studio and said let's make the album. Then we brought Murphy in to help us produce it. He was like an extra band member in the studio . He helped us define our parts. We had some battles, but we got through them with a finished record.

  • Is this album more of a complete story that ties into itself or does each single you feel stand on its own?
    Ray West: On this album I think each song stands on its own. 
  • Does the band have a particular philosophy/Motto?
    Ray West: Always be ready to perform at a high level!!
  • Do you have a 'secret' band or musician you love that everyone would go... “No Way, not them!” 
    Ray West: Not really. I always tell people straight up that I listen to the carpenters before I go on. It's quite soothing. Sometimes it's MJ, or Sade. (laughed)

  • Spotify is loved and detested at times by musicians and bands. How have you used it and overall what have you found to be its greatest asset?
    Ray West: Streaming is the way the biz of music has gone. You really can't fight it. If it works in our favor then that's great. If it doesn't then fuck it. Sell CD's on a street corner old school. I think it's cool to know who is listening, and where they are, so you can get to them.
  • What if anything would you say you have learned the most about yourself or selves through your own music?
    Ray West: I've learned that I'm stronger than I thought I was. I've learned that I have value as an artist.
    That I'm not afraid to challenge myself, to do better.

  • You get to have an audience of fans undivided attention for ten minutes. What would you tell them or sing to them?  
    Ray West: Together we are an amazing community of like minded people . We have to take care of each other, ya know have each others back. There is no racial bullshit, we  are all of one mindset, and race, the human race. We are free to not worry about what anyone else thinks about our good time, because it's ours. Nobody can take it away. Now make some 'fkn' noise!!!!!!
  • With a new album and out on tour with Tesla, what else in 2017 and towards 2018 are you looking forward to?
    Ray West: I hope we get to tour the world. 
    I look forward to touring, making new music and new friends, but most, is being able to hang with my family, because I've spent a lot of time away from them. They are the reason I keep rolling on.
  • Advice is always appreciated: What are some of the unwritten rules of tours, performing, recording, living a band life?

    Ray West: Advice on touring. Rule 1- no one goes #2 in the bathroom. Rule -- treat people as you'd like to be treated, because you are in very tight quarters, and stress can spread like a virus, so find a happy place.
               Rule -- Always make after show plates, cause going        onstage with a full belly is bad, and grab as much water as    you can. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more.
    Rule -- When you're given a creature comfort, don't take it for granted. Like, hot food from catering, a dressing room with connecting shower, SOAP!
    "I could write a big book on this stuff."
    Performing -- find ways to stay loose, and keep positive.
    Rule -- Warm up before a show, don't go up cold.
    Rule -- Connect w your band mates before you hit the stage. 
    Rule -- have stage awareness. Know where everybody is at. 

    The most important rule of performing-when shit is going wrong, be a pro and don't let the audience see it. They audience came out to have a good time , and watch the performance. Not watch you meltdown. 
    "If you ain't pro, you gots to go."
    Band life -- you have to have each others back . You have to be able to pick each other up when another is down.
    I always tell people. Your behavior affects everybody else around you, so always be self aware, and don't be an asshole . 
    I keep the mindset that all the other bands and crews are always listening, so watch what you say, and be respectful.
    If you are disrespected, then you have to circle the wagons, and go from there.
             Rule -- Always make after show plates, cause going        onstage with a full belly is bad, and grab as much water as    you can. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more!

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