Up Close & Personal with VÉRITÉ

The spellbinding sounds of VÉRITÉ, who just released her highly anticipated debut album Somewhere in Between on  Kobalt Music Recordings, spoke recently with BANGS! Music & Entertainment. Her collection on this project includes collaborations with producers Liam Howe (Lana del Rey, Ellie Goulding, fka twigs), Tim Anderson (twenty one pilots, Solange, Mr. Little Jeans), Peter Thomas (Selena Gomez, Betty Who), James Flannigan and Zach Nicita.

VÉRITÉ vocally is hypnotic and her album, Somewhere in Between is tantalizing mesmerizing and emotive form of work surrounded by an otherworldly sound.

PC: Eric Ryan Anderson

Song River: Looking back over the name and its stylization: VÉRITÉ what was the metamorphosis that lead to the word being what you identify yourself under musically?

VÉRITÉ: When I started this project, I needed a clean delineation between myself and the project. At the time, I wasn't comfortable enough in my own skin to inhabit the music as myself in a way. I think having a moniker created a space for me to grow into.

SR: Reading through some former press the establishment and your passion for Applebee's came up a few times.  Do people not realize that many artists work multiple jobs in order to do what they LOVE?

VÉRITÉ: I think it's extremely common for people to have side hustles while they pursue what they want to be doing. I just happened to take mine to the extreme.

SR: Of course you spoke fondly in the articles of Applebee's, so possibly singing/writing and waitressing area your loves... what have been some of the other jobs you have held down along the way?

VÉRITÉ: I had worked in restaurants since I was 14. I worked at an apple orchard when I was 12. I worked at a local clothing store for a minute. Other than that, just waiting tables.

SR: Is the 'Dream' to be a big rock star today still as plausible say as it was when your own parents were about your age?

VÉRITÉ: Yes and no. Today, there is greater access to distribution and the ability to find success as a musician on various levels. The idea that you will get "discovered", sign to a major label and "make it" I hope has dissipated. 

SR: Congratulations on your debut album Somewhere in Between via Kobalt Music Recordings. You chose a wide array of producers to work with. What was it you were looking for on each one you placed them in line with?

VÉRITÉ: I started the album in a phase of experimentation. A lot of the initial productions were born out of that time. From there, I intentionally funneled the tracks to specific producers to finish the production in line with the world I was trying to create.

SR: Life has a way of showing us what and where we need to be or do... if we listen. Back in 2014, your time in Europe seemed to help shape a direction. Having been involved in music since you were really a child... how much of you and life do we find coming through on this debut album?

VÉRITÉ: This album is obviously shaped by a life of experience and perspective. While writing it, I did really focus on where my mind was in the present. The album isn't nostalgic.

SR: Some may not realize though that Somewhere in Between may be your debut on Kobalt Music Recordings, but you have released is it 3 other EP's independently?

VÉRITÉ: Yes. I've maintained my independence through three EPs and the album. Kobalt Music Recordings was an ideal partnership at the time of release because they allowed me to remain independent and in control while adding valuable resources to help me scale.

SR: What was the deciding factor for you to go with Kobalt Music Recordings? What did it take for you to say... "this will work for me?"

VÉRITÉ: The deciding factor was remaining an independent artist and keeping ownership of my music.

SR: Many bands are DIY and independent. It seems the 21st Century way.Is it because we are all hesitant or is it a trust inclined dilemma to know what is the one to take and the one to throw back in the sea?

VÉRITÉ: I think that today there is tremendous value in having flexibility. Being DIY/independent allows you room to take risks, gather data and make changes in real time without waiting for approval from others.

SR: This can be an open-ended and maybe unfair question- but have you found staying in control to be honored and respected in this industry? What about with those who are close to you... what do they think?

VÉRITÉ: To me, it feels like no one in the music industry really cares that I am independent. People value statistics and measured success. I am very lucky to have numbers/stats that people may gauge as "successful". People close to me, my family and friends, understand and respect the idea of independence for sure.

SR: Another tool you have really channeled of course has been Spotify. How much of the business side has been and is controlled by you and how much is it fed by 'advisors?'

VÉRITÉ: All of the business sides is controlled by me and my manager. We obviously take opinions and advice from people we trust.

SR: You are a songwriter that is clear. What you have to say does not hold anything in the dark. What is it you have been seeking to divulge or impart to those who will listen and what do you feel people are really desiring?

VÉRITÉ: I think people are looking for honesty and transparency. I don't feel the need to put on a persona. I just want to create music that resonates with people and I can be proud of.

SR: Touring life. It is one of the best parts- even with late nights, fast food, and little sleep- how are you feeling about it all at this point Kelsey and what are you expecting on the other side?

VÉRITÉ: Everything about touring is the best part of touring. You get to funnel your whole life into kinetic energy. It's amazing to see your hard work pay off and have people to celebrate with.

SR: Take us out into 2018... what can we be looking forward to with VÉRITÉ?

VÉRITÉ: I'll be putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to build.