Falling Through April 
"5 Shots"

5 Facts About Falling Through April Band Members:

Jim Siani (Guitar) :
  1. My favorite band is Weezer
  2. I fall asleep everywhere
  3. I’m terrible with technology
  4. I love shoes
  5. Cheesesteaks are my favorite food

Dan Candia (Lead guitar/Vocals) :
  1. I’ve always wanted to be a drummer
  2. My favorite color is purple
  3. When I die I want to wear a party hat and red squeaking clown nose at my viewing, everyone MUST squeak my nose twice when you say goodbye/send me off!! (Celebrate my life don’t mourn my death)
  4. I’m a reality TV junkie
  5. I competed on Fear Factor once

Mikaela Salazar (Lead vocals):
  1. My favorite food is an assortment of bread
  2. I dream of settling in New Zealand in a legit treehouse or Ireland in my own hobbit hut one day
  3. I hate wearing make-up… mostly because I’m lazy
  4. I have a nice collection of my exes t-shirts and sweats
  5. I still can’t blow a bubble with gum

Taylor Foster (Drums/Percussion)
  1. I have a books-on-tape obsession
  2. Video games = life
  3. I have a degree in Math
  4. My weakness is a soft spot for dogs
  5. I’m into anything and everything sci-fi

Dave Piontek (Bass/Vocals)
  1. I’m a die-hard LA Rams/Atlanta Braves fan
  2. I’ve always wanted to be a drummer
  3. I’m actually a very good cook
  4. I plan to open my own bar/restaurant one day
  5. If I had a superpower I would want to be able to teleport. Being able to go anywhere at any time sounds super cool to me!

5 Favorite Album/Singles:

  1. The Downward Spiral: Nine Inch Nails
  2. Blue Album: Weezer
  3. Trash: Alice Cooper
  4. New Surrender: Anberlin
  5. Brave New World: Iron Maiden

  1. Art of Motion: Andy McKee
  2. If These Streets Could Talk: Just Surrender
  3. The Slim Shady LP: Eminem
  4. White Noise: PVRIS
  5. ...And Justice For All: Metallica

  1. Tell All Your Friends: Taking Back Sunday
  2. They’re Only Chasing Safety: Underoath
  3. The Devil and God: Brand New
  4. Silence: Blindside
  5. The Weak’s End: Emery

  1. Make Yourself: Incubus
  2. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band: The Beatles
  3. ANThology: Alien Ant Farm
  4. House of the Holy: Led Zeppelin
  5. A Toast to Bad Taste: Far-Less
  1. Ixnay on the Hombre: The Offspring
  2. Define the Great Line: Underoath
  3. Come Clarity: In Flames
  4. Make Yourself: Incubus
  5. Californication: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Upcoming Tour dates:
10/28/17 - Crown Central Station - Charlotte, NC
12/3/17 – The Milestone – Charlotte, NC
12/9/17 – Keg & Cue – Charlotte, NC

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