Concert Review: Ben Folds Paper Airplane Request Tour

Ben Folds Paper Airplane Request Tour
Marquee Theatre Tempe, Arizona
with Contributor Song River

The ease and fun Ben's tour put back into a night out to hear phenomenal song-writing is really what makes this legendary singer/piano player/music maker, Ben Folds, so popular. There is a sense of comfort to be found and elements of truth spliced and woven into a geniality of music to the everyday person on the street.  Rare gems to be able to relate to so many and hold a crossover of ages as the crowd showed from the Boomers, to the Gen X, Y, Z and Millennial mixes it did not matter the Paper Airplane Request was flying high.

Ben has an easy going friendliness to him and in observation, over the packed venue each fan felt like he liked them just as much as they liked him, there was a mutual like 'fest' happening. Sitting down with his piano and his arms stretching towards the keys his hands moved and fingers connected so that one could not tell where Ben began or the piano ended. He is so superbly comfortable in who he is as a masterful artist and person that there could not be seen anywhere within the audience no one engaging. The faces of fans were smiling, their voices blending, and the happiness of Ben's leadership left the space in this building a feeling of relaxation and joy.

Since the age of nine when Ben took up piano playing he has created, composed and arranged music with some of the finest in artistic talents like Weird Al Yankovic, Neil Gaiman, Nick Hornby and produced Amanda Palmer's first solo album. His notes can and influences can be heard in such great family films as Over The Hedge and Hoodwinked! as well. 

Without question Ben Folds influences tinkled alongside those known as Elton John and Billy Joel all gentlemen who have taken the world of ivory, ebony, song-writing, composing and arranging to another level.

The Paper Airplane Request began with a set of songs to delivered in a friendly fashion, songs like; “Phone in a Pool,” “Annie Waits,” “Uncle Walter,” “Capable of Anything,” and “Steven's Last Night in Town.” It was from there that the audience and Ben took the show to complete connection as prior to the set beginning folded paper airplanes lined the edge of the stage and fans began writing messages, song titles, drawing pictures and laying them carefully back down for the continuation of an intimate evening.

The tour is sheer pleasure and delight.  A couple of hours of love in between the notes, and Ben continues on creating and composing his artwork, it would seem he has found his life partner... his music. 

Ben Folds Tour Dates 2017-2018

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