Drummer Matt Cameron and His Solo Album: 'Cavedweller'

Matt Cameron drummer for Soundgarden/Pearl Jam offered up a few thoughts on where he and the rest of the band are just four months over since the passing of their frontman, Chris Cornell

Cornell took his own life on May 18th after playing a show with the group in Detroit, MI. 
Speaking recently about his own new solo album “Cavedweller” with BillboardCameron said of their headspace:

“I don’t think we’re ready to say anything other than…Kim [Thayil] and Ben [Shepherd] and I are certainly aware of how much our fans are hurting, and we’re certainly hurting right there along with them. But we’re extremely private people, and we’re all still processing our grief in our own way and on our own time. But we definitely are thinking of our fans and love them very much.”