Small Town Titans Release Official Music Video for "Me, Myself, and Monster"

When Blacktop Mojo recently played with Small Town Titans they loved what they heard and quickly shared the band with their publicist. Noted and appreciated by another band who has shot up and over the airwaves is a massive compliment and Small Town Titans definitely are living up to the recommendation with their music video "Me, Myself and Monster."

Having embraced the new music business model of driving your own train and being passionately active,  Small Town Titans are not waiting to be 'discovered' no they have been continuing to grow their online fan base by leaps and bounds. A ready to rock and hit the road, this power trio from York, PA who love to constantly create, as well as play live have measured this game plan in a constructive poignant way as they have drawn inspiration from legends like Foo Fighters, Audioslave and today's bands like Highly Suspect and Royal Blood.

'"Me, Myself and Monster" drops some huge bass crunch and deep, strong vocals as each moment of the track pours itself out The hard rocking bleed factor is certainly contagious and the hooks all are scorchingly stitched together. 

This is a strong track instrumentally and vocally. One can only imagine what the driving force must feel like live. Small Town Titans are more than just small town... they are BLOODY ROCKING EXPLOSIVE TITANS! Living up to the primordial deities name- Small Town Titans are already marking their sound to be legendary.' - BANGS! Music & Entertainment 

"Me, Myself and Monster"

"Me, Myself, And Monster" recorded live at Hybrid Studios by Kevin Soffera and Springwood Production.

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