Wicked Wednesday: Concert Review for the Metal Alliance Tour

Featuring: Havok, Crowbar, and Headliners Overkill
September 22,2017 - Club Red Mesa, AZ
Concert Insight Written by:Teri Wright

The night started out as any other concertgoers night began, Lining up to be scanned by security, bags checked, pockets etc. You know the drill. Tickets scanned and then on your way for an evening of metal music. You grab a drink or two, scan the merch tables quickly and find fellow metal foes and finding that sweet spot to watch the talent oozing from the front and center stage. 

Myself, I scanned the for the best position to photograph the bands as what we call “media pit” was not really accessible to us.

I ended up finding my sweet spot along the west side of the sound stage along the stairs where I could zoom in on the entire band from a distance. I arrived right as Havok started to take stage, Reece Scruggs coming out with his white Signature Custom RS3 from Roehrs Guitars flipping his long golden locks he is known for. Arriving alongside Reece was David Sanchez, Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocalist, Quickly Followed by Bassist Nick Schendzielos, and lastly Pete Webber on his Pearl Drumkit.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado and hitting the metal scene in 2004 This band has traveled all over Europe touring with some of the largest names there is in the Metal Scene and all over the U.S. and Canada. Havok is one of those bands who are never flawless on stage. David’s hard hitting vocals along with Pete’s technical proficient chomps is undeniably some of the best in the industry. Reece on Guitar is definitely a sight to behold as well. He’s a hell of a beast shredding. With riffs that are stop, go thrash, Reece is a no brainer when it come to talent. The entire line up on stage listening to their songs such as D.O.A., Hang Em’ High, finishing their set with Intention to Deceive.  

It was nice to see the guys again, after their mishap in Europe where their trailer was broken into and almost all of their gear was stolen, Thankfully replaced, and then dealing with their vehicle engine problems. Being on tour sure has its setbacks I’m sure. However you don’t see that with Havok. They are a group of four guys who have maintained their true selves and showing their fans just how awesome metal music is.

The crowd awaited for the next act which was CROWBAR.
History lies with Crowbar, Dating back to 1989, and currently having eleven full length cd’s produced and out for your pleasure selling over 100,000 units worldwide. There are memories that lie with Crowbar. Classified as Doom-Core more than a Heavy Metal Band, I think it fits the vocals of Kirk Windstein. He might be an ole dog, but he has that grabbing bite that still hangs on, which every-time I have seen Crowbar perform it never disappoints. Sure Crowbar has gone through changes throughout the years, But what band really hasn’t? I find that Kirk has stuck true to what he knows works, and through the numerous touring he has done throughout the years with Crowbar, It doesn’t surprise me the crowds they still draw. Tonight we heard songs ranging from Planets Collide, All I Have (I Gave), I Am The Storm, rounding the evening out with Like Broken Glass.  Sound quality from Crowbar is undeniable. It’s solid, hard and takes you back to a time when Metal was converging into different genres. I look at Kirk and see a wise man who won’t ever give up the dream of being out there belting out his lyrics for his devoted fans. If you want to be treated to some Sludge, Doom Metal - Find Crowbar in a town near you. 

In the end, Headliners Overkill came on stage after a 15 minute set change. Over 30 years, Overkill has provided their fans metal that has been the foundation basis for many trash metal bands that followed along the path laid down. Hailing from New York and New Jersey, It appears the New Jersey thrash metal has stuck around. Vocalist Bobbi “Blitz” Ellsworth obtained his nickname from his band mate “D.D. Verni”who dubbed Bobbi as Blitz, due to his over the top lifestyle. Bobbi still shows the elders of metal how Overkill is still kicking ass and taking names along with teaching the newcomers how it is done. Having released 18 full studio albums along with three live albums, three full EPs,  This band is a staple in any true metalheads catalog.

Watching this band on stage not only takes you back to the time when bands like Testament, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus were hot and heavy in this age, But it made you feel your inner youth of a time when you didn’t care about the world, The harshness and wanting to only escape releasing your inner rage and anger.

Eric “AK” Knutson (Lead Vocalist -Flotsam and Jetsam) was welcomed up on stage to sing side by side with Bobbi for Overkill’s song In Union We Stand. Fans of Flotsam and Jetsam along with his entire bandmates cheered Eric on. What an awesome sight it was to see two great vocalists belting out the pitch variations that were presented to each of them. Bravo guys, Bravo.

Overkill continued to pound our metalhead hearts into mosh pit melodies that kept us throwing fists into the air begging for more. Songs that ranged from IRONBOUND, to ELECTRIC RATTLESNAKE, ending the night out with an their finale encore performing their 1987 song FUCK YOU from the self titled EP.

Find these guys on tour and remember what it was like to kick some ass and mosh with the best of them.

Until then my blood thirsty metal-heads, I will see you at the next show. Remember horns up to the sky.

Follow Havok: http://havokband.com/

Overkill will be touring overseas starting in October -

14 / 15 – Loudpark – Tokyo – JP
17 – Tango House Live – Beijing – CN
19 – Live House – Shang Hai – CN
Headbangers Ball Tour [+]
26 – Hellraiser – Leipzig – DE [+]
27 – Lka – Stuttgart – DE [+]
28 – Ronda – Utrecht – NL [+]
29 – Große Freiheit – Hamburg – DE [+]
30 – Huxleys – Berlin – DE [+]
01 – Christmas Bash – Geiselwind – DE [+]
02 – Winter Masters of rock – Zlin – CZ [+]
03 – Gasometer – Vienna – AT [+]
04 – Backstage – Munich – DE [+]
05 – Live Club – Milan – IT [+]
06 – Lùsine – Istres – FR [+]
07 – Z 7 – Pratteln – CH [+]
08 – Ruhrpott Metal Meeting – Oberhausen – DE [+]
09 – Hessenhallen – Gießen – DE [+]
10 – Trix – Antwerpen – FR [+]
11 – Garage – Saarbrücken – DE [+]

12 – O2 Forum Kentish Town – London -UK