Album Review- Deuce INVINCIBLE

By Contributor: Teri Wright

Deuce Invincible AlbumCover


Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, determined to be hotter than before, Deuce comes back out swinging with his new album INVINCIBLE due out December 1st, 2017. Unlike Deuces previous album Nine Lives, released in 2012, This new album is throwing left and right hooks that show Deuce is not going to let anything get in his way.

Invincible offers a 14 song track that is undeniable Deuce in lyrics. This masked master throws twists and turns in this new album. Parts were recorded in Portland, Oregon and L.A. Cali, which is appropriate for this album. Based in Portland, and Los Angeles bred it seems completely fitting for Deuce to showcase his emotional twist of lyrics.

Listening to his album it really does have its hip hop to hard more rock/metal tones in it. It really will be a hit for Deuce fans, new and old.  This album includes “World on Fire”, “Bad Attitude” Personally my favorite off this album, and the lead single “Here I Come” Out now on Better Noise Records. Spin it my friends, Deuce is pure heart and soul in this album. We all know how Deuce can spit some angry verses, Invincible is no different in that aspect. However, Deuce shows more his true soft side with his undeniable signature sound.

I give this album a 5/5 stars and think this is maybe one if not the best album Deuce has ever put out. As Deuce says “Gone Tomorrow, Here Today”. Pick this album up, Download it, Just FIND it, and I promise you will put it on repeat. Hell it might even motivate you to not give a damn what others think and just do your own thing.  Deuce has proven this time after time, he will always be the Phoenix to Rise and keep on Shining.

Here I Come” is now available for streaming HERE.

Invincible can be pre-ordered on iTunes HERE