Single Review: DIGITAL CRIMINALS Release- "Move It"

by Jenny Kaufman

 Closing in on closing out 2017, DIGITAL CRIMINALS debuts their newest video with the song ‘MOVE IT’ from their EP “Bury Your Head” and possibly making it the 2018 anthem we all need to get us going. The song has been around since 2016 and it seems they have polished and refined it ready for your, our and my viewing pleasure. 

I played the video over the speaker and again through headphones/earbuds and the big difference was catching the drums at 0:36, the faint sound of cymbals.  Lead singer Emily Bates throws in at mid-song a lower vocal range that is empowering, I would have loved to hear more of that sultry strong sound from her.  Rounding out the band; Guitar- Dan Fry, Bass- James Hardwick and Drums-Jade Ball, all do their part to create the catchy hook and phrase with a Joan Jett-esq vocals and PUNK-Alt sound. 

The music is strong and energetic however at times, not enough of a break for vocals to come through.  Taking the less is more approach, the video lets the song be the star and the simplicity of the video creates a nice dynamic to the let the song speak for itself. A room filled with fans and friends singing along at what mimics a concert, they saved the bells and whistles for the song and the message are clear ‘MOVE IT’.