Waterparks Interview

By Contributor: Jackie Cular

Waterparks is on the verge of something big; after spending the last year and a half climbing the ranks of the pop-punk scene with its debut Double Dare. The band is slated to release its follow-up, Entertainment, on January 26 on Equal Vision Records.

The band’s lead singer, Awsten Knight, is careful and thoughtful in his responses to questions about his band’s sophomore effort. If you watch carefully, you can see that Knight doesn’t want to reveal too much too soon. Viewers can see his excitement bubbling just beneath the surface. He reveals that the band is trying new things; spicing things up with synthesizers and taking a step beyond its previous work.

Waterparks is booked through 2018, solidifying its role in the pop-punk scene for the foreseeable future. Prepare to be entertained.

Waterparks Interview