Behind the Lens: Video Writer Declan Interviews Thomas Diognardi and Naveed Stone of In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory Music Video for "Nomad"

Declan: Hey In Loving Memory thank you so much for talking with me about more of the music video side of "Nomad." First, following you one thing you notice right away you all are very involved on your social media. How does the band fit that time in, and also create content that brings in the fans?

Naveed Stone: Thank you for noticing that! We definitely put a lot of thought and effort into our social media presence. It’s really all about personal time management. We’ve examined how we all spend our time day-to-day and try to look for ways to either cut out unnecessary activities, or save time doing the things that need to be done. This process doesn’t happen overnight obviously, but it’s one that we all work at every day. Once we have that time set aside, owning our own DSLR camera and setting up personal photoshoots, keeping an eye on other artists in our scene that are on the rise as well as their social media, and striving for honest and charismatic posts are a couple of methods we use to try and produce quality and engaging content.
Declan: Does the band at times feel that they live with a camera going most of their waking hours? Naveed Stone: We honestly don’t have a camera going as much as we should! In fact, it would be ideal to be able to afford to have a cameraman/videographer film us at all times. Right now that isn’t feasible for us though, so we just try to stay on top of each other about documenting whatever it is we’re doing. That's also why we recently started doing Vlogs on our Youtube channel! We love giving the fans a more intimate look at us, our lives, and the ups and downs of being in a small band working towards our dream.

"Nomad" Premiered in Alternative Press
Declan: How important is it do you think for bands to be more than just a few posts? Actually get personal with their fans and make them feel that are apart of their circle. Naveed Stone: Important would be an understatement! In today's music scene and social media climate, everyone is fighting for attention. We believe having a strong personality online is absolutely crucial for any band, or business for that matter. At the end of the day, there are so many great talents and musicians that people can give their support to. We believe in the end of the day, people will choose to give to those artists who they can connect to because of the message that they stand for. That's why we try to present the most honest representation of who we are. Declan: Who operates the day to day or once a week video ideas you all use? Thomas Diognardi: Our singer Naveed typically comes up with the ideas for our more promotional video posts such as play-throughs, updates, new merch reveals, etc. Our drummer Tom and our guitarists Vito and Jon typically come up with humorous/entertaining video content.

Declan: How do you think of ideas and create them? Thomas Diognardi: Ideas can come in a number of ways. We keep an eye on bigger artists and sometimes emulate their ideas in our posts. Movies and television can also inspire ideas. We recently made an intro for our blogs that was modeled after 90’s sitcom intros such as “Full House” and “Family Matters”. Sometimes we just simply film us goofing off to show everyone that in many ways we’re just an average group of friends. As mentioned before we have our own camera so we’re able to get together and film the footage ourselves, and our drummer Tom can edit the video. Declan: When it came to deciding how you wanted to capture the feel and words behind "Nomad" what was it about doing it live?

Naveed Stone: "Nomad" is a song that represents and embodies the immigrant struggle, and the experience of first-generation Americans. Being from a place with the unmatched diversity of New York City, we knew that the song would make its biggest impact when performed right for the many faces of all colors, religions, creeds, etc that our NYC demographic represents. This is also why we chose to film the live music video when we headlined Gramercy Theater, our biggest NYC show to date. Looking back at the video now, we definitely know we made the right choice. The message of cultural awareness, breaking stereotypes, and celebrating diversity really comes through when you look at the shots of the crowd and see everyone come together to connect with our performance.

ILMLogo Declan: Was the music video recorded all in one venue or a few places?

Thomas Diognardi: The music video was recorded during our headlining show at Gramercy Theater in New York City, so all the footage is from that one show. Declan: Who did you use to do your video and how did you go about choosing them?

Thomas Diognardi: We had the guys at Trystan Cruise Media film the music video. They had been doing good work for other NYC bands so eventually we got in contact with them and they really embraced the vision we were going for. Declan: Talk about how everything was set up to do the shoot. Was it done all in one take? Naveed Stone: Essentially the set up was just making sure each band members performance of the song was as great as it could be. The song was done in one take, so we had to map a lot out. In retrospect, it may have been helpful to be able to capture more than one performance of the song because you can only capture so much footage with two cameras. In fact, many bands play the same song twice in a set when they're filming a live music video. However, since we used the raw audio and footage of Naveed giving his introductory speech before the song kicks in, we felt like preserving the authenticity of that performance and used footage from that one take of the song. Declan: Are any of the band members video and audio savvy? Naveed Stone: Our drummer Tom handles all of the audio production for the band and he does some video work as well. While he doesn’t handle our bigger music videos, he’s able to create the smaller day-to-day video posts the band uses for social media and promotion. He also edits the "Susboys In Motion" Vlogs that we've started to release on our Youtube channel. Declan: What was the bands favorite part in the video?

Thomas Diognardi: The last minute or so of the video when Naveed jumps into the crowd is quite memorable. It's amazing to visually experience the peak of the crowd's energy and connection with the band while the song is reaching its climax musically.

Declan: Would you ever consider creating a whole video from a show and market it?

Naveed Stone: Definitely! We plan on building our fanbase so that we can take on even larger NYC venues in 2018. It would be amazing to have those shows filmed so we can show the band's development and progress. Declan: Do you have a song of your last album you will be releasing as a video coming up? If so, which song?

We definitely will be releasing more music videos for the songs off our latest EP "Introspective". While we plan those larger-scale music videos, we'll also be recording things such as instrumental playthroughs and even alternate versions of songs to keep the fans engaged. We want to make Introspective a comprehensive experience for everyone. Declan: What else can we expect from In Loving Memory in 2018?

Naveed Stone: Expect us to really make those steps towards becoming a professional tour-ready band. We've been making upgrades to our gear and equipment and practicing our performance to get it as top-notch and professional as possible. Up until now we've mainly been playing shows on weekends, hitting the nearby states surrounding New York. 

Thomas Diognardi: This is the year we will start hitting the road so we can see more of the country and hopefully meet more of you who have only been able to support us online so far. It's our mission to meet all our supporters so that is the priority in 2018.