Interview with: Mikaela Salazar of Falling Through April

Talk a little bit about your music. Why is it you felt most comfortable with the type/style of music you create and produce?

Mikaela Salazar: I’ve always loved Rock Music. Anything from Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith to Underoath and Dance Gavin Dance. The emotion and heavy sound behind rock genres make me feel alive and free from anything bringing me down.

Roadblocks seem to be a necessary part of life or just a natural progression for anything you want bad enough. How has the band overcome some of those roadblocks?

MS: Yes, we’ve hit many individually and as a group but there is non-stop support and encouragement from everybody in Falling Through April. As if we’re running a marathon that we have committed to finishing with each other. When one of us is weak, somebody is there to pick us up or drag us along, lol. Tough love with a whole lot of sarcasm is the most common cure for our blues.

An artist wants their music to make their fans 'feel.' When the lyrics, melody, and parts are being worked through what tells you as an artist- this is it?

MS: When I’d write to the tracks recorded by the guys, I’d listen to what they were playing and let their sound move and inspire the vibe of the song. Once I felt I had fitting lyrics, I’d show them and see if they were on the same page. To see if they felt what I was saying. I didn’t want a simple approval but I wanted to make them proud of what we were making. If anything fell short from that, I’d start over. If we love what we’ve created then I can only assume others will too.

Many bands and musicians want to make a difference. Whether that is something small or huge or found in between. For you as a band of mates- what are somethings you would like to make a difference in for your community and fans?

MS: You’re so right! Music can be empowering and influential. It’s like a superpower that can save someone.  We want our music to bring other music lovers together where we can meet and have fun. We find we all relate to not only the style of music but also what we’re singing together. We all hurt, we all feel alone or are trapped in an ugly state of mind. But we want our fans to know we’ve been there and we came out the other side. Every track from our album “Zodiac” tell those stories.

Talk about your new album 'Zodiac' what components of this work seem to just mesh and hit spot on for you?

MS: I don’t even know how it came together to make as much sense as it does but I am in love with everything about it. You can’t limit it to one genre or theme. From start to end I feel like I’m riding waves that at times are calm and other moments they are crashing hard. That’s my damn life so Zodiac means a lot to me and the artwork for it was the cherry on top.  I look at it now as a complete and strong project that works together to make something so beautiful that I am proud of.

Your first single and music video was "Desperate Measures" - how did you go about choosing this one from your album?

MS: Our producer, Jon King has a great talent for creating music and he suggested this would be the first song the world would hear from us. He had a vision of a video he wanted to direct for this track as well so we totally trusted him and went for it.  

Top five songs currently spinning on your playlist (CD, Stream, Vinyl however you listen).

MS: “Told You So” -  -Paramore; “Mrs. Potato Head” - Melanie Martinez; “Camisado” - Panic! at the Disco (everything from that album!); “Cover Songs” by Our Last Night; “Jesus Christ” - Brand New.

What would the Supreme Band line up look like to perform with live – which band(s) would it be?

MS: PVRIS, Tonight Alive and Lights. My fave female fronted bands beside Paramore so ya know, I love all their styles.

Who in the band or group is the loudest most outgoing extrovert?

MS: Dave (Piontek) and Jim (Siani) in that order, lol

Who in the band or group is the quietest least social introvert?

MS: I’d say myself and Taylor (Foster). I love hanging with people, I’m just not good at initiating conversations.  

What instrument did you learn to play first and do you still own that instrument today?

MS: I started off on piano, then electric guitar. I couldn’t deal with how much my fingers hurt on electric so I stuck with the acoustic guitar. From there I started writing my own songs.

Finish the sentence: “Music for me (us) is the ______________________________________”

MS: Path to peace. I could be angry and miserable, but after I listen to some of my favorite bands, I feel brand new.

Favorite Fast Food Pit Stop any time before or after a performance is?

MS: Wendy’s

More videos to come from the album and where can we find you on tour?

MS: Ooh yes, working on those details now. Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Bands in Town for future announcements.

Upcoming Live dates:
1/15/2018           The Pour House                                                                                       Raleigh, NC
1/28/2018           Amici’s with Bobaflex                                                                             Concord, NC
3/11/2018           The Evening Muse                                                                                  Charlotte, NC
3/29/2018           California University                                                                           California, PA
4/12/2018           Petras                                                                                                        Charlotte, NC
6/23/2018           Fatemaker Music Festival (Main Stage) @ Fish Head Cantina        Halethorpe, MD

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