5 SHOTS!!!!! with Music Artist Elise Trouw

Please give us 5 Facts about yourself that no one else maybe familiar with.

I collect and tumble rocks for fun.
My first live concert was Barry Manilow in Vegas.
I'm half South African.
My two favorite colors are red and yellow but not together :)
Little dogs are my kryptonite.

Name 5 songs written that have had an influence on you. Whether that is physical, mental or spiritual.

Weird Fishes/Radiohead
Black Cow/Steely Dan
Third Stone from the Sun/Jimi Hendrix
My Immortal/Evanescence

What 5 music videos that have struck you cinematically. Please include their YouTube links. And write a couple of sentences about why you have chosen them.

Disclosure Magnets ft. -Lorde (I love the camera movements and angles of this video. The darkness and colors just draw you in)

Everlong - Foo Fighters (It's playful and creative but still supports the song in an artful way)

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden (This is great, especially how offbeat, weird and dramatic it is)

Endlove - OK Go (The idea that this was shot continuously for days is insane! One shot! )

Burn - An African Experience (The director, Dewald Brand, made a beautifully stunning video about AfrikaBurn 2015. Everything about this is gorgeous from visuals to the soundtrack. Because of this video, I worked with them to shoot my first music video "Burn")

Burn- An African Experience on Vimeo Click Here

For fun? 

I make an extended family video of our vacations and set it to music.

Favorite food to eat before and after a performance?

Before - Carrots & Cucumbers
After - Burger with Fries

Do you have that one guilty pleasure band/artist/genre that you might be embarrassed to admit to? If so, who is your guilty pleasure musically?

The Carpenters, some might think it's dated, but I feel it's timeless :)

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