Making A Video: The Inoculated Canaries "Count Me Out"

The Inoculated Canaries: Video
By: Declan

Declan: Just watching the video you all look like you just like to have fun when you are playing music. How much of what we see in this video is really how Inoculated Canaries is?

Mike Rubin: It’s a pretty accurate representation of how we all are on a regular basis, with the exception of having our faces painted. When you’re up there on stage with your friends and you’re playing music you wrote it’s really hard not to feel great about it.

Declan: When you were writing the song "Count Me Out' did you have this presentation in mind?

Mike Rubin: No, the idea of the glow in the dark paint started as a joke while we were working on the actual video treatment.  We were originally thinking about dressing up as superheroes and created this entire galactic battle.  Somehow we kept coming back to the glow in the dark concept and it slowly began to take on a voice of its own.

Declan: How involved was the band in creating the different parts of the video?

Mike Rubin: We were hands on for the entire project. We did everything ourselves with the help of a few close friends.

Declan: How did you keep it from getting on your instruments and how difficult was it to wash off yourselves?

Mike Rubin: We actually used body doubles for our instruments.  What we didn’t realize at first is that even after you wash the paint off, your skin still glows in the dark for about a day or two afterward!

Declan: Did you have to do anything special, obviously you all used a black light, but how did you go about setting it up so the capture was clean?

Mike Rubin: It took 2 days of actual shooting so we had to get painted twice - you can imagine how much fun that was.  Shooting in black light was definitely a challenge but it was most difficult in the laser tag place.  With the musicians budget that we had to work with we resorted to the fancy lighting that we all had in our pockets to help spotlight - our cell phone flashlights!

Declan: Who did the video work, and was there any certain criteria you all wanted in a videographer, like have tons of experience, use a certain brand?

Mike Rubin: Like I said earlier, we really did everything ourselves. I borrowed my mom’s camera and basically handed it to a friend and said: “shoot”. We had a wonderful time planning the shoot, setting up for it, taping our instruments, painting the t-shirts and our faces. We asked some friends to help with the cameras.

Declan: In the end, what do you feel is most important... the song itself (audio) or the video take of the song (visual) or are they of equal value? Can you explain your point of view?

Mike Rubin: I love the video and I’m extraordinarily happy with how it ended up, but I always maintain that the music is most important. We’re musicians first, and cinematographers second. The video does a great job of creating a vibe for the song, but at the end of the day, it’s the track that’s really got something to say.

Declan: Do you have a particular song next in mind for a music video off of you EP coming out "Trying Times?"

Mike Rubin: We’ve got a few things cooking in the oven at the moment. Maybe a cover? Maybe another original? Who Knows!? It might even be animated…. By the way, if you know any good animators drop me a line.

Declan: Would you share one of your favorite music videos?

Michael Rubin:  Kind of an oddball choice for me, but I think the video is extremely entertaining