TUNE IN to February's TUA Playlist on Spotify!

February Playlist on Spotify is LIVE!

This month's artist featured are:

Enfold Darkness, Autumn's End, 18th & Addison, Lethal Injektion, Rob Randolph Band, FELICITY, Fallen Union, Set Before Us, Brady Wade

Spades And Blades, The Redemptions, The Psychedelephants, Sleepwar 

Crow Black Sky, Cydemind,BrokenRail, Elise Trouw, ALL FACES DOWN, Come Clean, Voodoo Swing, Interfate, Kirra, A Gathering of None, Pride Through Strife, Natas

Sonic Revival, The Chimpz, Labor Party, Scar Eater, Captain Squeegee, SECOND SEASON, Weight of Whispers, Krosis, Scattered Hamlet, A Light Divided, Absence of Despair

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