5 SHOTS!!!!! with Croona

5 SHOTS!!!!!

5 Facts:

1:I have 4 big scars
2:I'm not a schooled musician
3:I started to learn how to make music
4: I've been in a darkwave/goth band
5: I'm a big fan of Scooter (the band)

Name 5 songs written that have had an influence on you. Whether that is physical, mental or spiritual.

1: Pantera - Walk – a amazing song with such raw power and amazing in your face vocals
2: Slipknot - Vermillion pt 2 – Again the vocals are just so good and the music is really atmospheric
3: Cannibal  CorpseMummified in barbwire- Aggressive,brutal,fast need I say more?
4: Scooter – How much is the fish? - A really silly but catchy track that reminds me of my early teen years.
5: Billy Idol – White wedding – A catchy and energy song that I just love, and I also like to sing it as a warm up.

What 5 music videos that have struck you cinematic-ally. Please include their YouTube links. And write a couple of sentences about why you have chosen them.

I'm sorry but I haven't really thought about any music videos like that. Either a video is good or bad. I haven't thought about anything as “cinematically”.

I can namedrop videos that I think are really good and cool.

Soundgarden – Black hole sun  , it's a really cool and dark video and an amazing song
Red hot chili peppers – The other side, it's a visually stunning video with a surrealistic  touch which I really dig.
Coal Chamber – Loco- it's just a weird and funny video, can't really say anything else about it. The song is awesome also.
Static X – I'm with stupid , a weird video to a cool song and there is also some weird kind of appeal to it.
Korn – Freak on a leash – it's a really simple but cool video and again a amazing track

For fun:

Favorite food to eat before and after a performance?

Anything that clogs up your arteries .

Do you have that one guilty pleasure band/artist/genre that you might be embarrassed to admit to? If so, who is your guilty pleasure musically?

It's like I said above, Scooter is one of my favorite bands and it's definitely a guilty pleasure.
It's silly,fun and stupid and also catchy.