5 SHOTS!!!!!
Divided Minds

Sean:5 Facts:
I have a killer stutter.
I can climb an 8 foot tall ladder in 2 seconds.
I can snap my fingers at 700 BPM.
I beat guitar hero 3 on expert one time.
I'm Irish.

5 Albums:
Sunday Brunch-Chapel.
Sweet Nothings-Plini.
Stoney-Post Malone.
Periphery III: Select Difficulty-Periphery.
Lugal Ki En-Rings of Saturn.

5 Facts:
I was on my high-school swim team
I've played drums for 10 years
I'm a car guy
I like Star Wars
Pokemon games are my jam

5 Albums:
Last Young Renegade - All Time Low
Common Courtesy - A Day to Remember
Life's not out to get you - Neck Deep
The Good Life - Makeout
Dookie - Green Day

5 Facts:
My favorite genre of music is rap
I used to be on a dance team in 4th grade
I was diagnosed with cancer when I was super young
I am from Arizona but I never been to the Grand Canyon
I’m not vegan but I like the taste of vegan chicken nuggets better than real chicken nuggets

5 Albums:
Homesick-A Day to Remember
Acid trip-Chance the Rapper
Heartattack-Man Overboard
Downer-Nothing Nowhere
Hell Boy-Lil Peep

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