5 SHOTS!!!!! with Thrash Metal Band DRIFTER

5 SHOTS!!!!!

Five Facts:

1 . I think I have synesthesia
2 . One time I funneled rum and fell down two flights of stairs.
3. Send me IHOP chocolate chip pancakes I’ll love you forever.
4. In undergrad I catfished thirsty dudes pretending to be a girl on Yik - Yak.
5. I have a Masters degree in Human Resources

Five Favorite Albums
  1. Architects : Lost Together, Lost Forever 
  2. Underoath : Lost in the Sound of Separation:
  3. The Fall of Troy : Doppelgänger 
  4. The Blood Brothers: Young Machetes
  5. Blink 182 : Self Titled

Five Facts: 


1. I teach drums to children with Monto at a music school.
2. Born in Russia boiiiiiiii
3. Grew up listening to punk rock mainly.
4. I play hella computer games
5. Currently going to school for computer science.

Five Favorite Albums 

1.The Devil Wears Prada : Zombie EP
2.Mr. Bungle : Self Titled
3.Avenge Sevenfold : Self Titled
4.Bring Me The Horizon : Sempriternal
5.Rise Against : Siren Song of the Counter Culture

Five Facts:


1.  I’m a carpenter who renovating houses and company offices all over new jersey.
2.  I know more about the history of Volkswagen than most people should.
3. The three things I mainly do are working, music, or Call of Duty.
4. If I could go to bed at 7 PM every night I would. 
5. I see dead people

Favorite Favorite Albums 
1. Architects : Lost Together, Lost Forever
2. Wage War : Blueprints
3. A Day to Remember : Common Courtesy
4. Stick to Your Guns : Diamond
5. Parkway Drive : Killing With a Smile

Five Facts: 

1. I’m a huge black metal fan and have a black metal project.
2. Anything outdoorsy I’m with it.
3. One Day I want to get my pilots license.
4. I destroy everything I touch.
5. I destroy everything I touch.

Five Favorite Albums

1. Collection I : Misfits
2. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge : My Chemical Romance
3. Ride the Lightning : Metallica
4. Newborn Sun : Chon
5. Dandelion Gum : Black Moth Super Rainbow

Five Facts: 


 I.  I have a degree in journalism/psych
2. My cats name is omLIT
3. I’m Polish and enjoy traveling there to visit fans.
4. Currently I work at Starbucks, but I don’t drink coffee.
5.  Season 6 of Shameless is where Im at right now.

Five Favorite Albums

1. Plini : Sweet Nothings
2. TSA : 51
3. Metallica : Master of Puppets
4. Childish Gambino : Because the Internet
5. Tyler the Creator : Flower Boy

Drifter Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrifterNJ/