The Smooth Sounds of Brian McKenzie Give Soul and Edge to His New Album: Bruising From the Fall

Brian McKenzie New Album 'Bruising From the Fall'

Come from the heart of the east coast and lending a sound that takes you down the dirt roads of a sunshine filled day in Tennessee. Brian McKenzie's music takes you far away to dream and believe but it also brings you home to dance in the glow of life, living and loving. 
His special album, 'Bruising From the Fall' is a soulfully-edged singer-songwriters gift all wrapped up with a beautiful blue ribbon. The 7 songs play through as if they were always meant to be... like love they fit together strong, true, faithful and emotionally believable. This EP is a must in every way. One that you will treasure for years to come because it is life and it is being lived in each and every song.

Higher Than This
Later On
One With the Sun
Bruising From the Fall
The In-Between
Justified (Long Way Down)