Razorwire Halo Slash the Sounds of the Edge with Their New EP 'Retaliate'

Razorwire Halo New EP 'Retaliate' Review 
By: Sid Loure
Capturing the mind and working the animalistic side of human emotions lead is the experience Razorwire Halo send. This is where the sounds of electro-rock belong in the hands of those capable of pushing the pulsating bitches and razor-sharp bastards along to fixate the music machine into the realm of deep dark thoughts. 

Listening to their album it would not be fair to state or compare them to others in this genre, why?, because Razorwire Halo is breathing fresh lush air into the exhausted lungs of the elders... who btw need to take a permanent vacation. It is time to make way for the new, the digital pulsating edge that cuts clean and knows it is the 21st Century.

Look for Razorwire Halo's new work on 3.27.18

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