The Metal Band MEKA NISM Gives BANGS!
5 SHOTS!!!!!

5 SHOTS!!!!!

5 Facts:
Meka (Singer)
1. Fluent in Japanese
2. Played Over 150 shows in Japan, as part of her band Origami Girls
3. Studies Shamanism and other Healing Arts
4. Loves any type of asian food
5. Played in bands Dirty Barbie, Angel Autopsy 

5 Favorite Albums:
1. PJ Harvey- “Rid of Me"
2. System of a Down- Toxicity 
3. Sleepy Time Gorilla Museum- Grand Opening and Closing
4. Concert Blonde- Bloodletting
5. Janis Joplin- Cheap Thrills 

5 Facts:
Bobby (Guitar)
1. Horror Enthusiast and Collector
2. Prefers J├Ągermeister 
3. Loves Sharks
4. 80’s Hair Metal fan
5. Yes, my fangs are my real teeth

5 Favorite Albums:
1. Metallica- Master of Puppets
2. Angel Witch- Angel Witch 
3. Judas Priest- Turbo
4. Venom - Welcome to Hell
5. Metallica - Ride the Lightning 

5 Facts:
Jarret (Bass)
1. Certified/Licensed Auto Mechanic and Builds Cars
2. Inspired by Bassists Lemmy of Motorhead and Frank Bello of Anthrax
3. St. Anger is his favorite Metallica Album
4. Drives with a stuffed gizmo from Gremlins in the back seat of his car.
5. From Chicago and lost his mind when Cubs won the world series.

5 Favorite Albums
1. Metallica - St. Anger
2. Carnifex- Slow Death
3. Down - Nola
4. Silverstein- Discovering the Waterfront
5. Supervillians - Nice Things

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