Please give us 5 Facts about yourself that no one else maybe familiar with.

1. A Gathering of None is based as a quintet all over the southeast, northeast and southwest parts of the United States. 
2. Our first EP “Purging Empty Promises” was recorded in 3 days entirely by our vocalist TB, who played all the instruments and did all the vocals.
3. We recorded our newest album “One Last Grasp At Hope” entirely in 6 days at our bassist Ken’s home studio and our guitarist Justin mixed, mastered, engineered and produced it.
4. TB, Ken, and Chris were in their first serious band together as teenagers nearly 28 years ago.
5. Justin sings for an Acid Bath tribute band as well as fronting In the Graveyard, Jeff is the guitarist/vocalist for Devil In the Belfry, and Chris does solo acoustic stuff. Everyone in the band are multi-instrumentalists.
Name 5 songs written that have had an influence on you. Whether that is physical, mental or spiritual.

1. Face to Face-Velocity
2. Only Living Witness-Strata
3. King’s X-  Cigarettes
4. Ignite- Better Days
5. Strung Out- Matchbook

What 5 music videos that have struck you cinematically. Please include their YouTube links. And write a couple of sentences about why you have chosen them.

1. Foo Fighters- Everlong because I think the message here is no matter how weird or outcast, there are more like you. 

2. Smashing Pumpkins-Cherub Rock. Pure unadulterated fury mixed with a celebratory sense of melancholy and one of heaviest guitar sounds ever.

3. The Offspring-All I Want. We have all felt like losing our minds and needing to get away. This video personified that.

4. Megadeth-Sweating Bullets. The schizophrenic nature in all of us, and how dangerous it can be to live in our own heads.

5. My Chemical Romance- I'm not Ok. A tribute to teen comedies everywhere, that again, speaks to the outcast in all of us.

For fun-

Favorite food to eat before and after a performance? Anything Mexican, which is a huuuuuge gamble haha

Do you have that one guilty pleasure band/artist/genre that you might be embarrassed to admit to? If so, who is your guilty pleasure musically?

Pink, because she can sing like no one’s business and has the rasp and attitude required to front a heavy rock band if she ever wanted to, believe that. She might be pop, but she’s a rocker at heart, and she’s real, a rarity in pop.