It Is Time To Mosh! Divided Minds Brings Their Latest EP: 'Mood Swings'

By: Bruce Longbert

Divided Minds are back, and they are ready to take on the world with their latest release, Mood Swings. After signing with We Are Triumphant, the band released a six track EP that deals with passionate relationships, trust, and life, that ends up revealing a whole new side to this Phoenix, Arizona band.

The EP kicks off with “Norterra Parkway”, a track that is filled with incredible imagery as the lyrics beautifully describe the passion between the couple. With lyrics such as “blue skies, long dress, and a nice laugh” and “long talks on walks, let the time pass”, it is almost inevitable that the audience would smile and sing along with this song, thinking back on the one that they love the most.

We all have that one song we hold so dear and close to our hearts. You know which song that’s being talked about. The one that surges through your veins, pumping adrenaline you didn’t even know you had? “Don’t Get Too Close” is a track that bring any listener this monumental feeling. The song starts with a riff that immediately catches the ear as it starts then stops abruptly in-between lyrics and casually streams into an amazing structure with the drums and the bass to follow. It is a song that will have any audience itching to hear it live so that they may jump, dance, and mosh their hearts out to it.

As banger after banger follows throughout this release, Divided Minds isn’t afraid to still show a soft side. “Elizabeth” is an acoustic song that is… Well, certainly emotional. The lyrics ring out with appreciation and admiration. Let’s just say: mothers are the best kind of support that all of us need.

Thankfully, the band doesn’t leave us wiping tears from our eyes as the final track “Life’s Overrated” finishes out Mood Swings. The sixth song is a head-banger. With an intense guitar riff and vocals that are sung out with angst, a sense of urgency to grab a couple of pens and air-drum along is felt.

Overall, Mood Swings is a rush. A rush of pure joy that leaves you wanting to hit replay over, and over, and over again.

Definitely an 8 out of 10 BANGS!