Razorwire Halo Release Official Music Video for "Sweat"

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Music Video "Sweat"

"Sweat" Description: “Sweat” is a powerful and rhythmic track from Razorwire Halo that is sexually charged and focuses on the pure unrestrained sexual urges between two entities. Razorwire Halo puts a digital edge to everything they create. "Sweat" is just that right animalistic amalgamation between the heat and what is to come. A pulsating need and a sense of wanton lust blends itself into a climatic song.

"Sweat" is the first single/music video off of Razorwire Halo's new album 'Retaliate'

Tour Dates:
Razorwire Halo Enhanced Live Performances

4.21.18 @ The Riot Room - Kansas CIty, MO
5.11.18 @ Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall - St. Joseph, MO
5.12.18 @ The Outland Bar - Springfield, MO
5.25.18 @ Wired - Omaha, NE
5.26.18 @ The Rusty Needle - Hutchinson, KS
6.1.18 @ Aftershock - Merriam, KS
6.3.18 @ The Rail Club - Fort Worth, TX

visit www.razorwirehalo.com for more dates