Interview with Zach Davidson of Seattle's Alternative Band: Vendetta Red

What is the Seattle Northwest music scene doing at the moment? It seems so quiet.

Zach Davidson: We are the only band in Seattle. All the rest have broken up after hearing our latest album so yeah. Sorry for destroying the scene. Not really. There are some really great bands currently I am just a dad most of the time so I don't get out as much as I used to. 

Do you still feel that quality over quantity reigns in this industry?

Zach Davidson: Hell yes. There's a hell of a lot of noise to sift through to find the good stuff but quality will always rise to the top.

What is it Vendetta Red is looking to bring to their new fans and old fans with the first track off the album called "Encantado?"

Zach Davidson: Melody my friend. Intoxicating melody with a strong positive message of acceptance and triumph.

How much of Vendetta Red is rock and how much of it is roll? 

Zach Davidson: When we started we were way more into white drugs like speed and crack which obviously made us more of a "rock" band, these days we only indulge in the booze and the occasional spliff thus we have morphed into more of a "roll" band. 

Why a full-length album, why not release just a single at a time or an EP of 5 to 6 songs?

Zach Davidson: Albums are the best way to experience music. Also, economically speaking, you get way more value and songs for your dollar.

Are you all as band members finding yourselves enjoying more of the process of making your music nowadays as opposed to when you had begun?

Zach Davidson: We had such a great time making this album entirely by ourselves. It's awesome being the boss and only having yourself to yell at. We got to literally throw the kitchen sink into this record and I feel like it's our best album to date. 

What does time bring every musician?

Zach Davidson: Less hair and a fat gut. 

Looking back at all those bands you had shared the stage with do you recall an event that just made you stop and go, "WHAT Just???"

Zach Davidson: SO many times but when I saw the Used play for the first time they kicked our asses on stage with their musicianship and charisma. They made me want to be a better singer and that kind of inspiration is priceless. 

Best to listen to this recently released album would be by plane, train or automobile?

Zach Davidson: Unicycle. 

Where can we expect to find Vendetta Red next?

Zach Davidson: Under your bed with a knife in our teeth.