Interview with Apothica

Apothica - Be Relentless in Your Passion
By: Carox Rox

PC: Carox Rox 

I had a great interview with the band members of Apothica, Lucy LeNoir- Vocals, Alex King- Guitar, Alex Villanueva- Bass, Jordan King- Drums. This talented progressive metalcore band has not only been playing locally and outside the Texas area, but working on an album, as well as releasing videos. We met before they headlined at the Scout Bar Clear Lake Houston, supported by In Exile, Messengrs,  Await  Desolation and Nox Luna, and Hope Era, brought to us by Red Raptor Productions and hosted by the fabulous host Khris Harding.

Carox: I would like to ask you why your band is called Apothica?

Lucy: Pretty much I am a food nerd. I am also a wine nerd and an alcohol nerd which is why I am also a metalhead!  An apothic blend of wine means that say if a vendor has a wine that is too bitter and then one has one that is too sweet, basically they can put those two together or even two, three or four and it makes a better flavor than if they were on their own…that is kind of like us. Alex V has a more jazzy influence...Alex K has a more metalcore influence and then I have a bluesy country thing happening. We all liked different types of music before we liked metal but when we get together I feel like all our musical tastes got together to make something better with all our different musical backgrounds and coming from different genres. It has made a better and different metal band.

Carox: How did you find your drummer?

Jordan: Well, I am pretty much the newest member of the band. I joined a year and a week ago. I felt the absence of playing in a group and decided to look up on Google how to find a band. The first thing Alex K Had just posted an ad, I had been browsing ads for a couple of weeks, then I saw his post and he had mentioned a couple of drummers I was really inspired by so I sent him a text

Alex: It was me and Alex V, we were going to the movies whenever he hit us up, Lucy was at work and I was like “Dude there is a guy who is only 18 or 19 who wants to come and audition for the band. At first, Lucy was turned off by it!  But then I sent her the video of him doing the cover and she was like “We will take him”!!!

Carox: Well, you are encouraging all ages – it is very metal!

Lucy: Yes, we don’t set an age limit or gender limit or an anything limit. If all you can do is sing blues then sing your balls off, why not. It’s not for any certain type of person. For me I was a little biased, not gonna lie. I was at work. I am a chef and I am constantly going very fast and I had got a lot of test messages at one time so I finally took a break. I blew him off, to be honest but then, sure enough, I watched the video and I was like, “Let’s try him out” – and literally the first time we did, we knew he was our drummer. Of course, we didn’t tell him that straight away…we waited until the fourth or fifth time and we were so happy to find him!

Alex: I was in a band called Adamantium a long time ago, and we broke away from our lead singer and then we got Lucy. She auditioned for the band the first time and then the old singer came back. Then the old singer left again (she actually left twice!)

Lucy: I had gone to culinary school and as I was moving back to Houston, literally the same day I was packing up, I got a text asking me if I still wanted to be in the band. And so here were are and it’s been 6 years now.

Alex: Thanks to my ex-girlfriend she called her up.

Carox: So exes can be useful sometimes!

Alejandro: For me, I had known these two from the scene. I used to play in another band, called Earth As We Know It and we played a show together and then a short while after that Lucy sent me a text and told me they were looking for a bassist and so they hit me up and I thought” Why not?” and I joined and we are going on 3 years now.

Carox: What is the secret recipe you have for getting on so well?

Lucy: I would say it is just being honest. Like if we have a problem with each other we say it. The good thing is we all know what we want. I think that is very important.

Carox: I notice that you are putting out single by single, is that correct?

Lucy: Yes definitely, we are trying to put out an album sometime this year but it just seems like it is a little played out right all about instant gratification now. It’s more like how much can you put out because people want it.. I kinda just want to do singles to be honest instead of waiting for a year for an entire album. You can release singles then videos. I like that.

Carox: I think that’s the way people used to do things. It increases anticipation too! What is it like being in a video? It is very trendy!

Lucy: It is so odd.

Alejandro: And it’s a little bit awkward. It’s like you are being told: “Do it” and then “Do it again” and you are like ‘Okay” and a lot of it is there is no music going on.

Alex: And there can be no context to what we are doing whenever we are shooting a video it’s like “we want you to get into it and start headbanging!”

Carox: Well I think people will start copying you – it is very trendy.

Lucy: Well, we certainly hope to inspire others as we are inspired by others creativity. I think that is what every band is.

Apothica Live

Carox: What does this year look like for Apothica?

Alex: We want to record, we want to play shows here and out of state. Just wanna get out there.

Carox: Are you going on tour soon?

Lucy: We are planning hopefully in October because we are recording the rest of the full-length album in June and July and we are hoping to go to the west side – like we would really love to go to California – we have done the east coast a few times.

Carox: What is the message of the music that you are giving the audience – what do you want them to feel and see?

Lucy: Wow that is a deep question, very deep. For me, it is just do what you want. Do not let anyone tell you any different because every single one of us basically has been told to grow up forever. Like I am 25, Alejandro is 32, Alex is 27 and our drummer is a baby. No matter what you want to do in your life, whether it is music or any kind of art, whatever, if you want to be a garbage man or a president, do the very best job you can.  Don’t let anyone tell you it is not possible because I had a whole lot of people tell me I was stupid in high school because I was 16 years old and I had this bigass dream that I wanted to play in a music band and I wanted to tour…and like asking me well what about your real job? I am like this IS my real job.

Carox: People don’t understand it is your passion and that you are lucky enough to have one.

Lucy: Definitely. I would say have passion, be honest and be real.

Alex:  Yes, just have passion. Be real.

Lucy: I would say that is the message for all of us. Be relentless in your passion, whatever it is. For me it is also cooking! It is everything that is art.

Carox: Where do you see yourself in two years as a band?

Lucy: With a house paid for by this band, ha! hopefully on tour!

Carox: Who would you like to go on tour with so I can tag them in this magazine interview?

Lucy: For all of us it would be Periphery and Veil of Maya.
talking of Spencer Sotelo and Lukas Magyar they are absolutely two of my very top inspirations. Every time I write a song I think to myself would they like this because they are so complex. In turn, I think to myself would I like to listen to this and I think yes I would!

Carox: What would you like to say to your fans – there are quite a few of them out there.

Alejandro: We love them. Thank you for supporting us all this time. Thank you for staying true to us even though the member changes and the changes in our music.  We really appreciate it and it does not go unnoticed.