Concert Review: The Everybody Still Hates You Tour

June 2018

By: Jenny Kaufman

CLUB RED in Mesa hosted The Everybody Still Hates You Tour featuring;

Night Club is made up of director and musician Mark Brooks and frontwoman
Emily Kavanaugh. Kicking off a tour or closing in on the end of one, you truly could
not tell the difference between
the entertainment level of the Los Angeles, Electronic duo, NIGHT CLUB. The duo opened with a musical intro, the
stage lighting adjusts and out on the stage is Emily Kavanaugh;
wearing black fishnet stockings layered with thigh high red and black
striped socks, a midriff black shirt, short skirt and vibrant long
red hair.
She looked comfortable and confident on the stage with Mark Brooks directly behind her
managing the keyboard and arrangements.

Early in the evening, I had watched Emily off the side of the stage doing stretches and warming up as if she were going out for a jog. I had not expected the ball of energy
this one woman brought to her performance, super animated moving around the stage.
Still cannot believe she was able to gather the remaining breath from her diaphragm to
continue singing in an already hot and dry Arizona environment. She entertained the
audience and rocked out like it was a full stage production.
Breaking mid-set and joining in for a one song cameo on ‘BAD GIRL’ - Combichrist’s drummer, Joe Letz.
NIGHT CLUBs Emily Kavanaugh has a sweet soft voice that delivers the dark lyrics in a
hurt so good way. How bad could something be when it’s said so sweetly,
like in the song ‘Candy Coated Suicide’?  
For a moment I was taken back to the 1980’s when listening to Depeche Mode, but just for a moment.
NIGHT CLUB stands strong on its own with a delivery of catchy hooks, dark lyrics, and creative beats.

NC’s closing out the tour only to ramp up with a highly anticipated new album,
‘SCARY WORLD’ due to hit in August 2018.