Album Review: PVMNTS New Album: Better Days

Craving something new? Something to leave you going, “How the in the bloody world is this so good?” Well, Los Angeles, California has got that something to give to the world.

Album Review: Better Days
by: Olivia Marsala

In this past mid-August, PVMNTS released their new EP: Better Days. And it is absolutely smashing back to back throughout the entire work. Track to track, the trio delivers an energy that is simply a rush in the veins.

With the high-intense passion felt through the EP, it almost feel as if Better Days is an open book for the trio. The lyrical content is emotional to listen to, especially within the song “Heavy Moon.” No-pun intended, but the song begins with a heavy shock to the heart as it is sung, “When my friends ask me how I’m doing, I smile ‘I’m okay.’

Despite these emotional lyrics from the band, these three mates also have a way with making their music undeniably uplifting. As Freddy Ramirez and Tyler Posey exchange turns on the vocals, they also share the guitar and bass work. Even while sharing the instruments, there is a remarkable unity and flow. And the drum work from Nick Guzman beautifully keeps in pace with Ramirez and Posey, showing that these guys are not only band mates, but they are friends as they perform together.

Better Days is a complete classic pop-punk soundtrack. Produced by Kyle Black who has worked with artists such as New Found Glory, All Time Low, and Senses Fail, PVMNTS is definitely on their way to ‘better days’ with their hard work, passion, and drive to create something remarkable in the music world.

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