Minority 905 New Album 'Dangerous Ambitions'

Minority 905 have landed their second album, 'Dangerous Ambitions' and taken on the pop-rock mix that is injected with a bit of emo flavored kool-aid. 12-songs lit to carry the familiar fast dream beats and pumped pop sounds that really jam the foot tapping bounce back into your tired arse.

The cool thing about this album is it supports parts all of us can identify with. Each song carries its own personal dilemma or challenge. At times it seems like the album is a sit down with yourself in the mirror and the reflection is a cartoon film reel with feels and emotions of living your own life. 

The first music video released from 'Dangerous Ambitions' is "Soundtrack." This song is the summation of the album as a whole. This is such a great tune, from the writing to mastering it meets the standard rock feels of older Third Eye Blind. 

Vocalist/guitarist John Aquino relays even at times a mix of 'ol Good Charlotte, and Jimmy Eat World as he holds those notes in a slight yearning nasal tone. His vocals just fit and bolster the whole energy of the band. Minority 905 continues to create a simple structure of pop rock/emo juice and you can't wait to pop the straw in and suck it up!

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'Dangerous Ambitions' is available now for purchase!

Track List:
1. Don’t Panic
2. Catching Fire
3. Dangerous Ambitions
4. Relapse
5. Picture Perfect
6. Smoke and Mirrors
7. 27 Club
8. Soundtrack
9. Lucky Ones
10. Run This Town
11. What If
12. Future

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