TUA: Artist Feature for August TUASpotfiyPlaylist: Lullwater

Another artist from Tracking Unsigned Artists August playlist was the band Lullwater. Having released their cover of Pearl Jam's song "Release" the band Lullwater was recently out on tour with Starset and Nonpoint. A new album is coming soon and major tour plans are in the works as well. Catch their single "Release" on TUA Spotify Playlist!
By: TUA Staff

Tracking Unsigned Artists: There is something to be said for a name. Sometimes it means something, other times it just sounded right. Where did your band name come from? 
John Strickland: as unoriginal as it is, our former drummer lived on Lullwater Road and one day in practice it just kind of stuck. We’re the only Lullwater band I know of haha.
TUA: Describe the music you make. (Give details to its sound, lyrics, and structure).
JS: we make rock music that comes from different influences that the collective group brings to the process. I’m a huge 90s grunge fan so I feel that rubs off. I usually write about what I’m feeling in the moment or something that is bothering me. Rock music has always been therapeutic so most of the songs are heavier and loud. We try to put as much energy into our music as we can.
TUA: What formats do you prefer to release your music on? Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, All the above?
JS: I’m a big fan of CDs and vinyl. It’s tangible and it reminds me of being a kid buying records and enjoying an album not just a single.
TUA: Your current single playing on TUA's list tell us about the song. If there is a music video that goes with it, please share the link.
JS: I think the single playing right now is our cover of Pearl Jam’s release. Huge fan of Pearl Jam and it was really cool to record it at London Bridge Studios, where Ten was originally recorded.
“Release": https://youtu.be/q3lzzRSjwBk
TUA: In your opinion why is playlisting important or not important to you and music? What suggestions might you give to other bands wanting to utilize Spotify to its fullest?
JS: Playlisting is a great to find new music. For me, I usually go to a rock playlist while driving and just let it play. Always surprising to hear new bands coming out with good music. I would tell other bands to definitely call you guys 

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