5 SHOTS WITH Mike Petrasek of Bedlem

Mike Petrasek (Bedlem) (Last name pronounced Peh-TRAW-seck)

5 SHOTS!!!!!

5 facts
  1. I absolutely love horror films; favorites include Cannibal Holocaust, Zombi, Day of the Dead, Original Universal (Frankenstein, Creature, etc.)
  2. I have drawn my entire life and like to keep it a secret.  I’ll occasionally put an image or two on my Instagram
  3. I adore reading.  Favorite book…. Tie between “The Number Devil” or “Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are”
  4. I went to college for 2 years just so I could learn more about religion; it fascinates me like a car crash on the side of the highway fascinates on-lookers
  5. I collect records and have no record player
5 Songs
  1. Fuck the Facts – Unnamed
    1. All around amazing band; her voice will rip your face off.  Shame the song is less than 2 minutes long
  2. Botch – C Thomas Howell as The Soul Man
    1. This song showcases everything Botch had to offer.  Underrated band.
  3. Dillinger Escape Plan – Sunshine the Werewolf
    1. Not much needs to be said; amazing energy and song
  4. Converge – Lonewolves
    1. It’s tough to pick just 1 song by them.  Anything by them I enjoy.
  5. Daughters – Providence By Gaslight
    1. Highly recommend this band to anyone.  Their sound has evolved so much and it’s awesome!
  6. BONUS!  ANYTHING Iron Maiden (except the Blaze era).  They are a religion in my household (one of my brother’s name is Eddie).

5 Music Videos
  1. Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6dycCqqZS0 The use of color in this video is what makes it.  It’s shot in a way that’s easy to follow the storyline.  And Pig Destroyer kick ass! All a recipe for a good video!
  2. Paradise Lost – Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BONcpuDcrc This song is a great song.  The video, however, gives me chills.  The actress shows an emotion that cuts you.  Creepy vibe with the hair cutting.
  3. Paula Abdul - Opposites Attract
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xweiQukBM_k I will always love this video!  It’s a classic and a first of its kind.  I would watch MTV just to see this video as a kid.
  4. Staind – Mudshovel
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuAC9YIC2Bs Keeping with nostalgia, I chose this song strictly because this was my heavy depression era as a teenager.  I would stay up until 3 am and watch VH1 After dark (or whatever it was called) and watch all these Nu-Metal acts.  At the time, they spoke to me in a way no one else could.
  5. Sam Smith – Leave Your Lover
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=182TRJq9Zt8 It is not a secret; I love Sam Smith’s voice!  It’s haunting as it is powerful. Coupled with a very powerful video that has a twist ending (waaaaaaa, Sam was singing to the guy!).  Kudos to him for coming out this way. I’m sure it inspired a lot of people and that’s what makes him a true artist.
Fav Food Before and After Show:
Protein enriched.  Singing, screaming and jumping around…. couldn’t do it after downing something greasy.  Now after the show, bring on the grease.
Guilty Pleasure:

I don’t have any bands/songs that I’m ashamed of.  I love all music. I will say, however, whenever emo music comes on, I will belt out the words at full volume with no shame!