BANGS! Presents Tracking Unsigned Artist September Feature: Jaclyn Kenyon

Q: There is something to be said for a name. Sometimes it means something, other times it just sounded right. Where did your band name come from?

Jaclyn Kenyon: I just go under my own name Jaclyn Kenyon!

Q: Describe the music you make.

Jaclyn Kenyon: The music I make is simply made from who I am. All my life I have loved all the different styles of music it didn’t matter the genre if it was a great song I would love it. When I started to discover my own sound and place in the music I was making I realize my voice naturally had a country sound but I wanted to also add my own influences and love for rock & pop music. I think the music is fun, different and real. It is a mix of stories of my life that I turned into lyrics, rock guitars and edgy vocals and I only want to make music that is authentically who I am as a person and artist. I hope you can hear that when you hear my music!

Q: What formats do you prefer to release your music on? Digital, CD, Vinyl, Cassette, All the above?

Jaclyn Kenyon: Personally, I still love the idea of vinyl I feel like it really brings an album to life but that being said anywhere people can buy my music!

Q: Your current single playing on TUA's list tell us about the song. If there is a music video that goes with it, please share the link.

Jaclyn Kenyon: No, it is not! This song is called Tombstone. It will bring you back to every heartbreak you’ve ever felt. It is about a relationship that hurt more to hold on then it would let go no matter how strong the love was letting go was what was best decision to be truly set free.

Q: In your opinion why is playlisting important or not important to you and music? What suggestions might you give to other bands wanting to utilize Spotify to its fullest?

Jaclyn Kenyon: Playlisting is so important right now because it is where the music industry is heading. It’s the best way for the fans and new fans to find your music and listen to it. You can reach so many people by putting your music on a playlsit. I would say just keep creating and just keep letting people listen to your music , people want to be able to relate to you and your music so I would just keep sharing it and if they have passion for it then it will just organically grow onto others as well.