Album Review for Americana Blues artist Katie Knipp's new album: 'Take It With You'

by: Lynn Vick

First is always new and mostly the best. 
First is what Katie Knipp portrays in her exceptional music and complete discography. 
First, as she defined in delightful ‘Get into my life’ and the ‘Time’ off her Midnight Mind. 
First as ‘Waiting for life to begin’ as it is ‘Nice to meet you’.

With over 20 years of experience as a musician and singer/songwriter, Katie Knipp continues to demonstrate just how her music is first in its class. Her future album release is soon at hand for you as ‘Take It With You’ will be available November 7th (PreOrder in the links below). Her first song from this album, ‘I Don’t Sing For You’ is stunning. It showcases her vocal development and her ability to take ownership in the vein that courses the country blues sounds.

Listening to Katie's new album showcases a complete resurgence of a professional solo artist who offers many crossover genres. Her new album is truly a fantastic measure of heartfelt New Orleans jazz/blues and a touch of the heartland country warmth. The album deals with love on many different levels. 

Katie's boogie-woogie piano, slide guitar, and powerful vocals are a blend of honest and true music. Along with her powerful vocals, 'Take It With You' is certain to be one of the most sought-after albums for years to come. 

Katie Nipp's new album 'Take It With You' shows she is again first and creating music magic.
BANGS! Gives 'Take It With You' 4 out 5 BANGS!

Track List:
1.  Ya Make it So Hard to Sing the Blues
2.  I Don’t Sing for You
3.  Letters
4.  Metro in Paris
5.  I Will Stick Around
6.  Come Back
7.  Get Outta My Dream
8.  Santa Cruz Blues
9.  Another Round
10.  Last Man Out

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