Album Review: STEW Release 'HOT' EP

By: Lisal Remey
There is a breath of true musicianship and full knowledge it would seem at times left in the world of rock music. When a musician actually understands how to meld their knowledge from years of practice and study and take that to become one with the instrument they have chosen is not only a gift but seems rare today. The mastery blend of three forces out of Sweden have hooked that trio of rock into one perfect blend and have released their debut EP entitled, HOT. The band is called STEW and their music proves itself in this 4 track EP that they are serious about their craft.
STEW is a trio that blends a mix of rock, soul, and blues. Heavily influenced by the era of electric grooving riffs, powerful soulful vocals and beat to a drum that takes you to the time of Deep Purple, Hendrix and Cream... STEW resembles that Classic Rock sound but comes forward to branding itself very much to the elements of modern rock.

Working together as musicians who truly understand their craft Markus Asland (Bass/Vocals), Nicklas Jansson (Guitar), Nicklas Dahlgren (Drums) came together in early 2017. They noticed that their understanding of music, styles, and tastes in music gelled. They started jamming and as they say, the rest is history! What makes their music work really seems to come down to a couple of things... they know their instruments/music and they really are best friends. It seems to be a winning formula as their debut EP 'Hot' is really proving it!

Track List:
1. Might Be Keeping You
2. If This Will Be The End
3. Tongue Tied
4. Dig For Gold

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