GRAYSON ERHARD Releases 'Earthship' EP Official Music Video for "Tell Me No" Premiered on New Noise Magazine

Grayson Erhard has released his latest single/video from his EP 'Mothership' and the single... well... it is actually kind of funny! The song "Tell Me No" is about his relationship with his new found love, who cheats on him. Mind you though his Jezebel is a laptop computer! Will Grayson and his Dell be able to reboot and bring their 0 and 1's together again? Find out!
Radio ready and so over the top catchy! We love it!

Grayson Erhard promo - 16-9

“The more of his music you listen to, the more entwined in his sound you become – the more reliable it all appears, the more addictive, the more essential. I Will is a great introduction but fortunately, there’s more to it than just this one song (last year’s Karma is another beauty). Grayson Erhard is an artist well worth exploring.”- Rebecca CullenStereo Stickman