The Whole World is Getting Grinched! Small Town Titans "Mr. Grinch" Continues to EXPLODE!

Look out Whovians in Whoville... Mr. Grinch is all over the net! The whole world is turning green with Grinchie Small Town Titan Metal!

Read what Alternative Press has to say! Check Out Small Town Titans on Billboard!
Even Nikki Sixx is into it! Sixx Sense!
"One listen to Small Town Titans' version and you'll hear that Phil Freeman's deep baritone and delivery is a perfect fit to capture the spirit of the original. Freeman, who also plays bass for the band, teams with drummer Jonny Ross and guitarist Ben Guiles to put their own fresh take on the track, giving it a bluesy feel with a definite darker vibe. Take a listen as the guys cover it in the studio in the video above." - Loudwire