Interview: The Aviators Continue to Soar with Their Brand of Rock N Roll

BANGS!: Talk about how music has influenced you as an individual in your daily living.

Music has an impact on everyone--it's immediate accessibility now really has solidified the idea of having a "soundtrack to our lives." Music is a healer, an escape, a release, a memory, a significant, as far as it's influence on daily living really can depend on what you're listening to; it really depends on your mood it seems.

BANGS!: Where do you find yourself listening to music most often?
It seems that the car is where listening to music happens the most--sometimes it can be background, or it is filling the time. Also, listening to records when cleaning the house? Vacuuming always goes by faster with good jams.

BANGS!: What are your favorite brands to use when it comes to the instruments, mics, amps, pedals and so on? Why do you favor them?
Favorite brands of gear...we definitely favor Gibson guitars and Marshall amps. There's something to be said about the classic sound of a Les Paul into a Marshall. It just is part of the signature sound of our band (and countless others before us). Our bass player uses Orange amps and has one bass--a Rickenbacker. I guess he has no other choice (haha). For pedals, really whatever works. Our drummer has a few kits he uses, but his Ludwig Vistalite kit probably gets the most miles.

BANGS!: Talk about your current project. Its conception. How it evolved. The storyline behind its development or any anecdotes that may have occurred during the writing/recording process?
Our current album Flowers and Moonshine is our most sonically diverse album so far. It really shows our influences, with hints of classic rock, southern rock, and some heavier influences that reflect where we have been and where we are going. We added a new guitar player right before the session, and it changed some of the songs in an unexpected way, but also pushed our sound in a unique direction that expands what we can do as a band. We've had a very positive response with our first single "Goodbye to the Rain"--we're excited to see what lies ahead for us in 2019.

BANGS!: Is there a particular part you enjoy more than another in the process of a project?
The recording process is always fun because we get to see our ideas come to fruition in a tangible way. Since we've spent so much time gigging and consistently being in front of live audiences, we are a pretty tight unit. We try and get the songs up to speed in a couple rehearsals beforehand, so we don't really waste any time in the studio. We've had the good fortune to work with some very talented engineers, so it really is an easy process for us, which has been a lot of fun.

BANGS!: How do you know when a song is done and ready to be taken to the recording studio and produced?
We try to keep it simple--we only put things in that serve the song. We already have a pretty big sound, so there's no need to clutter things up with extras. We strive to write the best songs we can in bare-bones form--if that happens, it's going to stand on its own and be solid. The ear candy on top is just a bonus.

BANGS!: Looking towards the short and long term of where you might be currently- where do you see yourself (yourselves) as an artist/band in 2019 and beyond?
Thinking about 2019, in the short-term, we have a pretty full Spring schedule both locally and regionally. Long-term is to continue to expand our reach through booking shows in new areas, capitalizing on the impact of social media for bands, and continuing to build relationships with venues and promoters so we can get out and continue to be ambassadors for rock and roll.

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