Interview with Farewell to Fear: 24-Jan-19 - FLAW w/ Farewell to Fear, Downfall 2012, & Key Flight Captains, Houston Scout Bar.

Carox: Well here I am on the bus with Farewell to Fear outside the Houston Scout Bar! Please introduce yourselves!
Mojo: I am Mojo, I am one of the guitarists and I do back- up vocals – and I scream a little bit and dance around!  I am from Nebraska.
Jimmy: I am Jimmy, I am the drummer, and I am from New Orleans!
Carox: How did you meet these guys?
Jimmy: I met these guys through a mutual friend. They called me for an audition. I played and I got the gig.
Carox: So how long have you been with them?
Jimmy: Since 2010.
Mike: I am Mike the vocalist. I am from Jacksonville Florida – so we are a little bit from everywhere.
Carox: So are you actually an original member of the band – or who started the band?
Mike: For the most part it would be Jimmy, Jeremy and I were in the first iteration of what is now Farewell to Fear but it was not quite like it is today for sure.…but then it just kind of evolved from there.
Carox: Where does the name come from?
Mike: The concept was more of a philosophy than a band name. But it was something we all subscribed to as far as the concept of what that means. We are all very positive people and we all live great fun filled lives and we want to empower people to do the same. So we figured, well what we could do to get behind that idea and sound catchy and we thought that if fear is a big obstacle well, you could say goodbye to fear. Farewell to Fear became that mantra.
Carox: Well I have no fear sitting on the bus guys!
Jeremy: I am Jeremy - I play bass and I am from New Orleans.
Carox: What kind of bass do you play?
Jeremy: I play Schecters.
Dirk: I am Dirk, the lead guitarist. I am from North Caroline. I play Gibson Les Paul.
Carox: I find it interesting that you are all from different areas.
Dirk: I’d like to say that I did break a Gibson Les Paul. I’d like to say it was because we got a kick ass gig and I started smashing it but it just fell straight out of the straps - but we got it fixed.
Carox: Who is actually driving the bus?
Jimmy: We all do everything together. We drive the bus together; we do each other’s laundry.
Carox: When did you start the start the tour with Flaw?
Mike: This is day three, so this is our third show. We are label mates with Flaw. We had worked putting this tour together for months so it was then that everything came together, we were excited about it,  I was really psyched about it – as to Flaw, they are great guys, they are amazing - in the height of their day 2000 or 2011 I was blown away and have been a big fan ever since.
Carox: Where did the tour start?
Mike: In Little Rock. Where we are at we are told “here is the tour and this is where we are going, okay we will be there”.
Carox: What about the first two shows, what has the response been like?
Mike: I think a lot of the response is wow, we have never heard of you before but we really like you and we say no that’s perfect that is why we are here – we want to reach people.
Jimmy: We found ourselves always going east instead of west, so places like Dallas are new to us.
Carox: Where were you last night?
Jimmy: Trees in Dallas
Carox: So you are playing in pretty iconic places! How many shows are there?
Mojo: 26 -27 shows.
Carox: So people interested in seeing you play have quite a choice of venues!
Jimmy: Yeah we are going all over the place – you can pretty much look at the tour schedule and hook up with us.
Carox: When did you guys get signed with Pavement?
Mike: Well we have been doing this for a while. It was a conscious decision of where do we want to go now? We need to partner with people to help us get to the next lever.  It is futile to do anything else so we searched for people. We had a hit list of ten to fifteen people we wanted to work with. You always got to look out for the next step and you gotta be intentional. You have to hussle. It is not going to fall into your lap. It is actually a good relationship; the guys at Pavement are good guys.
Carox: So your second record, and first with Pavement is out now?
Mike:  Yes, Voices
Carox: So who did or does most of the writing?
Mike: The majority of the writing is with myself and the producer when it comes to the structure and the lyrics. There is a formula that worked for this particular album and I actually live in Jacksonville and so does the producer and so we would be sending music and things back and forth and so it was pulling all that together and getting to a general consensus.
Carox: Where can we check you out?
Mike: Facebook, Instagram but the best way to find us really is on our website which is Farewell2Fear - all our tour schedule, music, photos, free songs – so sign up for our mailing list!
Carox: Do you have a funny tour story?
Mojo: We have got plenty of funny tour stories. Every tour we have a funny story.
Dirk: The best story floating around right now is Jeremy spilling hot coffee on Chris Jericho.
Carox: We need to hear this!
Jeremy: I forgot about that!  He comes up; he is coming down the hall. It is a big theater in his home town in Winnipeg, Canada. He comes up and he has a hot tea or coffee in his hand and he goes hey and then goes to shake my hand and I’m like don’t worry about it I will give you the elbow rub and I’m like oh – oh yeah!
Carox: Why should people to come to your show?
Mike: The whole point about living is having a great time. Come to the show because we are going to do everything we can to make sure you have fun. We will bring the energy. We are a very hands on band. We respond to everyone. We love posting and connecting. We are a bunch of friendly guys that we hope you will fall in love with and follow all over the world.
Farewell to Fear "Underneath My Skin" (Official Music Video)

Flaw "Conquer This Climb" (Official Music Video) Featuring Stephen Colbert

Bio: Farewell To Fear was born out of the huge black hole that mainstream rock radio left during the absence of super rock stars like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. Farewell To Fear revisits that era with big rock riffs, big choruses and big anthems for a new generation of mainstream rockers. With their first full-length album, New Blood, generating an incredible three singles on Sirius XM’s Octane channel, an unheard-of feat for an unknown band as well as landing them at #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Rock Singles chart and #8 on iTunes Rock chart, their debut also earned them direct support from Howard Stern, including the rarest of moments on Stern’s show… airing an entire song as opposed to the normal 20 second snippet he usually shares. That track, “Diamonds” is recently eclipsed 1 million streams on Spotify.
From day one, Farewell To Fear were quick to establish opportunities performing at events that put them in front of a few hundred to over 25,000 people and have opened for a variety of bands including Sevendust, PopEvil and even landed them a coveted slot on Monster Energy’s Welcome to Rockville, sharing the stage with bands including Alice in Chains, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Nonpoint and many more.
Inspired by the recording process of their most recent EP, Legacy, the band has been writing and recording relentlessly, ultimately allowing them to seamlessly merge their skills and styles together to create heavy rock songs that deliver a strong punch to the gut while staying melodic and delivering impactful lyrics hitting all ranges and octaves.
 Their latest album, Voices is NOW Available via Pavement Entertainment. Voices was produced by Damien Starkey (Burn Season & Puddle of Mudd) and has elevated the bands sound. "To listen to Voices is to take a deep dark emotional rollercoaster ride leaving you wanting more.  "Voices draws from anthemic songs of the past while embracing the uncertain chaos around us.  Expect no stone unturned with the album!"
Farewell to Fear's high anticipated new single "Underneath my Skin", sends a powerful sucker punch with its anthem of love and obsession.  It’s an emotional gut wrenching song that will inspire the devil within.
 Farewell to Fear is: Mike Craig – Vocals, Mojo - Guitars, Vocals, Dirk Mercer - Guitars, Vocals
Jimmy Adams – Drums, Jeremy Sevens - Bass